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Your Voice Is Your Key to Clear Connections

Using Voice To Make Connections

Denise Hansard is an executive life architect who recently shared actionable insights through the NAPW eCoaching platform. Read the full blog post to learn her five-step CLEAR process, which helps you find your voice and use it to make clear connections for yourself.

Start transforming your life! If you don’t like the results you get in your life, then go back to your choices. Your choices can change your life!

The Clear Process

The CLEAR process involves five steps that will help you make the right choices to change your life in a positive way.

  • Choice: We all have choices. Recognize that everything in life is a choice.
  • Language: Our first choice revolves around how we speak our words, e.g., inside voices and outside voices.
  • Energized: When we make our words positive and energized, we begin the process toward change and transformation.
  • Actions: We can take action steps from a different perspective based upon the power of our words.
  • Results: When we achieve the results we want, we “live life like we were meant to.”

Five behaviors keeping women stuck

These five behaviors keep women stuck in results that they don’t necessarily like:

  • Thinking too much
  • Seeing failures as failures instead of as opportunities
  • Letting criticism become a part of them versus letting it go
  • Staying stuck in their comfort zones
  • Not speaking up for themselves when necessary

How do women compare to men?

Behavioral Differences Between Men and Women

Source: Denise Hansard on #NAPWeCoaching

Although there are differences between men and women, there are ways to have your voice heard. You can start by implementing these tips:

  • Let go of the prerequisites
  • Focus on beliefs & starve doubts
  • Assume the Superwoman Stance
  • Be brave – Speak up
  • Get training – Hire a Coach

Final thoughts….

Denise took some time to put together additional information to help answer many of the questions that were submitted during the webinar.

Today was a great day to become CLEAR in our lives. Recognizing all the choices that we have in life, using our empowered words to take action steps toward designing the results we want in our life. This is what we are all after.

In today’s eCoaching, there were many great comments and some questions. I wanted to take this time to address some of the questions.

  1. Saying “I’m Sorry” – I steer clear of using the word … sorry. A more empowered word is to apologize for a behavior that you may have exhibited or to empathize with someone over a loss. Example for behavior … I want to take responsibility for my behavior. I raised my voice when what I was attempting to say was “I want you to hear me or help me out with this”, etc. Saying I’m sorry only diminishes your value. Owning your behavior to change that behavior allows you to grow. Example for someone over a loss … I understand what it means to lose (a loved one, your job, etc.). I am here for you for whatever you need.
  2. Why is that women think differently from men … especially in terms of failure? For me, I believe that we all have feminine and masculine energy within us. It is in certain situations that we exhibit more of a feminine or masculine energy dependent upon our own uniqueness. People having more feminine energy tend to listen to the voice of ‘not good enough’ stories from events that have happened in life. These stories from our past have created some of the behaviors we exhibit today. So, thinking differently is a condition of allowing our past stories to dictate who we are today.
  3. Is criticism a conditioning from what happened in our early life? Yes, we all have our stories of rejection, failures, not good enough … whatever it may be. It is through recognizing these stories to be just that … stories from our past … that we can learn to let go of so they won’t define our lives today.
  4. Change is difficult for some due to crushed spirit or low self-esteem. How do you break that cycle? I view change as that opportunity to grow and it is a journey. Change is a choice. This is the work I do in my coaching practice. Reach out to me if you would like to learn more.

C – Choice  H – the How  A – Acceptance  N – Next steps  G – Gain momentum  E – Evolution

  1. Superwoman Stance – Standing up tall with hands on hips, chest raised, feet apart. Think of Superman and do that. It allows us to stand tall, breathe deeply to get more oxygen to the brain so that we think more clearly. When you are feeling insecure is the best time to use this stance.

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