Wins for Women

Wins for Women: Celebrating Unsung Women in Technology


“Hello everyone, welcome to our eChapter!…”

…As NAPW President Star Jones’ image goes out over the internet, thousands of NAPW members log in to listen, share and participate in discussions that impact professional women. We take this electronic powwow for granted, but not too long ago it would have looked like science fiction. Just one example of how we’ve grown to take the expansion of technology into our lives for granted.

Who gets the credit for the devices and algorithms that now rule our days and nights? Men. Geniuses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. For the shoppers among us, titans like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

Backchannel recently shared a fascinating article on women in the early days of technology, “A Women’s History of Silicon Valley,” by tech author Jessi Hempel. It profiles overlooked women pioneers of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s who helped lay the groundwork for countless innovations we use every day. Some took part in complex engineering. Others launched daring startups. Still, others developed the content business or used sophisticated computer models to research brain function. And many are still in the game – Diane Greene leads the multibillion-dollar cloud-computing business at Google.

Today’s young women grasp the power of technology and are entering the field in record numbers. The Ivy League’s Dartmouth College made news recently for graduating more women than men in its 2016 engineering class. On the home front, mothers of teenage girls are startled at what they can do with a simple phone app.

Hempel asks: “What happens when you tell the history of the birth of Silicon Valley a different way? It offers a map to a generation of young men and women looking for new leadership models.” Today, it’s exciting to celebrate brilliant, accomplished women. Thanks to them, we use artificial intelligence…doctors make advances…and Star Jones can reach out to NAPW members on her eChapters with total ease and convenience.

By the way, our next eChapter event is July 13th at 4pm ET. It’s all about mentoring – especially relevant for women who innovate every day. Please join us!

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Megan Bozzuto