Conquering Stress: NAPW Members Share their Tips for Relieving the Pressure

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Are you feeling the stress? If you’re like most professional women, the answer to that question is probably yes. After all, you no doubt have a lot on your plate, whether it's meeting work deadlines, attending professional events, fulfilling personal obligations, taking care of your family...or all of the above!

NAPW Women Manage Stress for Success

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NAPW Local Chapters are communities that build strong relationships, allow us to decompress after a long day, and inspire us for the new day ahead. Stress Awareness on the NAPW Foundation calendar makes us stop and take a moment to think about the stress in our lives, share how we deal with it and learn from each other, so we can live a healthier more productive life.

Star’s Corner: My Holiday Season Survival Guide

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You have work to do; the deadline won’t wait. But, it’s the holidays. So? Grab your laptop. Trudge through the slush, wind and sideways-blowing snow. (Don’t you love that?!) Arrive at your destination five minutes late. Listen to the wrath of your relatives reminding you how irresponsible you are regardless of the fact you were just promoted to a senior management position.