NAPW Feature Story: Improve Your Brand Image with Social Media

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Wow! It’s going to be 2015 in a few weeks. And, it’s time to take action, assess and improve your brand image with social media. Why? Because 2018 is right around the corner, and there are projected to be nearly four billion global internet users – that’s more than 51% of the world’s population – all potential customers for your business, product or service.

Trending Now… Social Media Updates for Business

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social media talk bubble What’s up with social media? Everything! Savvy social media marketers understand the importance of a thriving social media presence to their business’ bottom lines. However, there’s always room for improvement. It’s not enough to tweet, post and repeat; there’s a lot happening online you need to know about regarding social media updates for business.…

NAPW Feature Story: Post It – Successful Blogging for Business

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  blog-image Increased profits, lead generation, enhanced image. Yes, that’s what blogging will do for you. Consider this:  According to HubSpot, 57% of companies gain customers from their blog, 61% of online consumers in the U.S. make purchases based on blog recommendations, 67% more leads are generated through B2B marketers’ blogs and 60% of consumers look more favorably on a company after reading their blog.…

NAPW Feature Story: On Target! Understanding Which Social Media Site Works Best for You

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social_media Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. And, that’s only three! With numerous social media options available to professional women today, creating and successfully running a social media marketing campaign for your business, product or service is easy. The trick is knowing which social media sites reach your specific target audience.…