Message from Louise: Networking in the 21st Century

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Networking…Is it all about the follow up?

NAPW offers events across the country every month—and sometimes multiple times a month—hosted by NAPW corporate and the Local Chapters themselves.

With our lives being so busy and having so many to-dos on our list, how do we utilize these events to our best advantage and make it worth our while to show up?

The Rise of Women’s Networking Organizations and NAPW

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NAPW defines success as “owning your own power.” It took centuries of individual women fighting for equal rights for everyone. And, as times changed, women realized their voices would resonate louder if they joined forces as one collective voice. This “union” of coming together took courage, commitment and bravery as each woman “owned her power” in eras of history when women were often told to be seen and not heard.

Networking Is Priceless! Meet Chapter President Vanessa Hunter

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Vanessa Hunter Local Chapter President King of Prussia, PA Chapter

After attending the NAPW 2013 National Networking Conference in New York City, I knew Chapter President was the platform where my entrepreneurial spirit could thrive. The connections were unlimited; together business professionals, retired professionals, aspiring professionals and celebrity guests all shared achievements and stories behind their success.

Trending Now… Social Media Updates for Business

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What’s up with social media? Everything! Savvy social media marketers understand the importance of a thriving social media presence to their business’ bottom lines. However, there’s always room for improvement. It’s not enough to tweet, post and repeat; there’s a lot happening online you need to know about regarding social media updates for business.