Star’s Corner: NAPW Local Chapters Raised Awareness for Breast Cancer

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NAPW professional women are a positive force for awareness and education. Last month, NAPW Local Chapters created inspiring and thoughtful charitable networking events, bringing attention to breast cancer awareness. See how team NAPW helped to make a positive difference in the lives of women. 

Star’s Corner: It’s Time to Celebrate! Local Chapters Honored Women of Achievement

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Community leaders, trailblazers, advocates for change…Yes, NAPW members are true Women of Achievement!

Across the nation last month, NAPW Local Chapters honored and recognized the professional, personal and charitable accomplishments of our NAPW members. When extraordinary women support, empower and stand behind each other, great things can be accomplished.

Leaders Unite! Highlights from our Women of NAPW Leadership Workshop

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Aspire. Connect. Achieve! NAPW Women Leaders from across the country united at our Women of NAPW Leadership Workshop yesterday in LA, hosted by Louise Newsome, NAPW National Director of Chapters.

Special thanks to our Western Regional Manager and NAPW Los Angeles Local Chapter President, Ruth Garcia-Corrales for her outstanding leadership in her community and at our exciting event.

Star’s Corner: Local Chapters Celebrate Entrepreneurs and Personal Passions

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Great achievements often involve great risks…and business owners know all about those risk taking, decision making, rule breaking moments—right, ladies?

Local Chapters celebrated the women who dared take the risk to step outside of their comfort zone and pursue their dream of entrepreneurship.