Star’s Corner: Local Chapters Raised Hunger Awareness in their Communities

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It’s an everyday struggle for 12 million American families… All around the country (even in communities near you) hardworking families often cannot make ends meet.

Hunger in America exists and continues to be an extremely troubling issue. NAPW professional women joined together to offer support through their Local Chapters during Hunger Awareness Month.

Star’s Corner: Take Action! Combat Hunger with NAPW Local Chapters

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“Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an issue of justice.” –Jacques Diouf, Director General of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, 1994-2011

Today I have one question for you: Are you hungry? Hungry to make a difference in the world… Hungry to bring awareness to a travesty right in our own backyard… Hungry to step up and do what is right; what is just.…

Star’s Corner: Silent Storm – The American Hunger Crisis

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“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” – Mother Teresa

Young. Old. Black. White. Your neighbor. Your co-worker. The little girl who sits in front of your daughter in second-grade class… Their faces sullen and withered; their spirits low, their souls wondering why, how it has come to this… standing in line at the bank… the food bank.…