Am I Being Fair? Negotiating Your Fees With Clients

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Negotiating Fees With Clients

As a woman business owner, you have already overcome many challenges just starting your business. Unfortunately, that may have included dealing with subtle and even obvious messages that you can’t make it simply because you are female. You have put in 18-hour days and raised the necessary funds to get your business off the ground and start building a client base.

FIND AND IGNITE YOUR PASSION: Turning Passion into Profits

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Everyone has a passion of some type. It's possible that you've been indoctrinated to think that you'll never get your passion to pay, but this simply isn't true. Turning your passion into profits is one of the most difficult but rewarding challenges you can possibly meet in your lifetime and you shouldn't get discouraged from at least trying to do so.

How to Use Key Performance Indicators to Set, Manage, and Achieve Your Goals

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You may have heard of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance that you use KPIs in your workplace to determine if your team or company is achieving its top goals. What many people don’t realize is that key performance indicators can also be useful in setting, managing, and achieving your personal and professional goals as well as helping you make the right decisions that will lead toward success.

Benefits of an In-House Mentoring Program

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It’s no secret: Mentoring benefits the employees being mentored, and even the mentors themselves. However, did you know that employers also feel the positive effects when they establish an in-house mentoring program? Whether formal or less structured, the impact of an effective program where employees learn from each other is significant.

Let’s Roar! How to Promote Yourself without Sounding Arrogant

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Self-promotion without bragging is one of the hardest skills to master. And, for women it can be even harder. Yet, it’s one of the most important skills for career and business success. As a recent study at Montana State University confirmed, women have a hard time speaking up when it comes to their achievements for fear they may sound arrogant or conceited.