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Member Spotlight: Mary Nielsen


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Successfully Transitioning into a More Rewarding Career


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Mary Nielsen

Company: Spectrum Aesthetic Laser Training
Consulting Services
Title: Consultant
Location: Tigard, OR


NAPW: What is your profession?

Nielsen: I am an LPN and a Licensed Esthetician but work as a Clinical Educator for aesthetic and laser treatments; I am also a Laser Technician.


NAPW: What led you to choose this career path?

Nielsen: I was working for a multi-specialty surgical practice. Two of the surgeons were plastic surgeons. In 2000, they asked me to do some research on what it would take to bring lasers into the cosmetic surgery practice. I did my research and a light went off inside me, a little voice that said, “You want to do this!” I was fortunate that the surgical practice allowed me to take a leave of absence and return to school to get the training. My work is really about helping women feel better about themselves, more confident.


NAPW: What professional achievement are you most proud of?

Nielsen: Starting Flourish Skin and Laser, an aesthetic laser and skin care clinic. My business partner Amy and I have been in business for seven years. We have two lasers providing all types of laser services: laser hair removal, laser pigmentation treatments, skin tightening, laser vascular, skin rejuvenation, ablative laser treatments, as well as medical grade skin care, Bare Minerals makeup, Botox and filler treatments. We’ve just added Coolsculpting. I was approached to do some training for new clinics and have traveled the western U.S. and Canada, helping new laser users. I’ve expanded that skill set to include Spectrum Aesthetic Laser Training; I also provide coaching, training and information for this technique.


NAPW: Role models inspire us. Whom do you admire, and why?

Nielsen: Celebrity status is not an impressive value for me. I am drawn to strong women and have found mentors and role models in my own life who inspire me with their wisdom, character, strength and kindness: My grandmothers, Irene and Helen, who taught me about work ethic and who loved and encouraged me; my sisters, Amy, Joy, Becky and Pati, who have known me longer than anybody, have met life challenges with humor and grace; my sisters-in-law, Katherine and Marcy, who are open and honest and accepted me with open arms; my daughters, Kara, Brynna and Megan, who are pursuing their passions and my step-daughter, Rebecca, who has immeasurable strength in adversity.


NAPW: How do you define success?

NielsenHaving a balanced personal and professional life where I am healthy enough to enjoy the activities that I love, have enough money to pay the bills and afford a beautiful pair of shoes now and then, and have time to spend with my husband, grandchildren, family and friends.


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