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Featured Member: Stephanie Pursley

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NAPW: How do you prepare for an important work event? (presentations, networking events, conferences, etc.).

Pursley: When I have an important work event, I like to scope out the area where the event will be held and decide how early I need to be there, because of parking or I may get lost trying to locate the area. Then, if I have a presentation to showcase I like to go over the presentation with my family the day before to make sure I have everything in order.

NAPW:What are some of the ways you benefit from the women’s affinity group in your workplace?

Pursley: I think the best way to benefit from the women’s affinity group is by networking with them. I love to get to know different people from different walks of life that way you will be able to connect and attend work events in their area.

NAPW: Describe a time when you had to give an employee or co-worker difficult feedback. How did you approach it?

Pursley: When I give an employee or co-worker difficult feedback I try to suggest an alternative solution to let him/her know it’s not the end of the world, but you can create a new beginning. Then I would offer my assistance, so he/she will feel comfortable with the outcome.

NAPW: What are some creative techniques you use to increase your team’s productivity?

Pursley: I am an out-of-the box thinker. I am a leader, so I would demonstrate how something should be done and they would just follow my lead, but I would continue until I know they are ready to be productive without my assistance. There’s no “I” in team, so I’m teaching them to work together as a team. When everyone works together that will increase your team’s productivity.

NAPW:How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Pursley: I would like to network with more clients/customers on a personal level. When they see the type of person I am, they send more business my way. That way I can offer more jobs and that would put me in a better position to learn more about staffing to improve my skills and my overall well being. I learn better by doing.

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