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Star’s Corner: Wrappin’ Up 2014 and Steppin’ Through to 2015


Step forward bravely. Grab the handle. Get ready to close the door on 2014. Our Year of Action comes to a close, yet we continue taking action every day in every way to power change in our local communities and the world. Let’s recognize our accomplishments, reflect on our success and get ready for 2015… our Year of Power!


2014 was absolutely off the charts for me… and for NAPW! I was promoted to be the President of the National Association of Professional Women. As if that weren’t enough, we merged with Professional Diversity Network, and I also became the President of PDN! Am I proud? You better believe it! I now have the privilege, honor and humbling responsibility of being one of the youngest to join the small circle of African-American women in the US leading a public company. The best part is that I have the profound chance to change women’s lives for the better by providing them with employment opportunities and access as I lead a team dedicated to supporting and advocating for women and all diverse Americans. By utilizing the collective strength of our affiliate companies, members, partners, technology and unique proprietary platform to set the standard in business diversity recruiting, networking and professional development for women, minorities, veterans, LGBT and disabled people, I take this responsibility very seriously as I steadfastly believe that diversity improves the performance of businesses and public boards of directors across all industries.

As the National Volunteer for the American Heart Association, I continue to work tirelessly to spread the word about heart health for all Americans, especially for women, since heart disease remains the number one killer of ALL women. Through our NAPW Foundation philanthropic initiatives to benefit the AHA, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Dress For Success and Girls Inc., NAPW Local Chapters continue creating uniquely impressive charitable networking events benefiting our Foundation and making a difference in the lives of women and girls. I hope you made our very first Call For A Cure to benefit BCRF – we raised nearly $12,000!


Led by networker extraordinaire, Louise Newsome, NAPW National Director of Chapters, Team NAPW continued working together and created another outstanding year of accomplishment and achievement. From raising awareness of issues affecting women at home and around the globe, donating clothing, time and support to the charitable initiatives of the NAPW Foundation to combating hunger and supporting each other in an intelligent networking environment of open discussion at Local Chapter meetings and events, they proved, once again, that professional and personal success takes team work. I am grateful you’re all on my team!

When we stand together, we stand stronger, prouder; with the ability to be a collective voice for social change and awareness. 2014 saw us take action and answer our Call to Action as we joined together to stand against sexual assault with the White House Council on Women and Girls; to bring attention to President Obama’s State of the Union – Opportunity, Action, Optimism – because when women succeed, America succeeds! We came together for the AHA’s Go Red for Women campaign, inspired change for International Women’s Day, brought attention to the need for more women in STEM, stood in solidarity against bullying, took Affordable Care Action because health matters, embraced diversity and global awareness because diversity and inclusion means business. And, so do I!

Wow! If you think 2014 was something special, just wait until 2015. NAPW is headed to superior heights of success and groundbreaking achievement as we support and advocate for the advancement and growth of all women. We will push this concept even further by introducing our Regional Networking Summits in our five regions as well as having our main National Networking Summit in New York City. Our 2014 National Networking Conference didn’t lullaby old Broadway – it rocked it! – as we featured legendary entrepreneur and trail blazing businesswoman, Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran and our first-ever ICON Award winner, the courageous, award-winning journalist from ABC’s Good Morning America, Robin Roberts. Who will be impressing us at our 2015 Summits… can’t tell you now, sorry, but I assure you, you’ll they’ll be amazing!


It’s time to keep it fresh, move success in the right direction and step into 2015. Open yourself up to boundless possibilities and endless new experiences — as I like to say — step out of your comfort zone. 2015 is your year, ladies! And, you have the power to explore entrepreneurship, take your career to the next level, become the best you that you that you can be. Check out all the new NAPW benefits, resources and initiatives for you – the power professional – in our NAPW Power Hour Webinar, hosted by me. Team NAPW has your back, and we front you all the way!

Here are five goal-setting tips to get you started on your Year of Power.

Believe, Believe, Believe
Keep your goals within reach. Maintain your confidence and stay fully engaged on your path to success. Yes, setbacks happen, even to me. Simply keep your goal in site and believe in yourself. That faith will see you through. Believe.

The Short and Long of It
Long-term goals are great. Just remember to keep the short-term ones in focus, too. Every small accomplishment moves you closer to the end result – your success.

Visualize Success
Defining your goals for 2015 is important to your success. And, so is placing them in the correct order. Choose a realistic timeframe for achieving your goals and write down the order from most important to least important. Then take a moment to visualize yourself achieving each goal.

Empower Yourself
Motivation is key to success. Committing yourself to achieving your goals requires energy, passion and determination. Maintain a support system of friends, family and a good mentor to provide the extra “push” you might need from time to time. Suggestion: Join an NAPW Local Chapter.

Reward Yourself
Each time you achieve one small goal on the road to your final goal, reward yourself. Treat yourself to whatever it is that makes you feel good, take a friend out for a celebratory dinner to share your success or take a day off and re-energize your well-being.

Open the door to 2015, ladies. And step through to the success you want… because you have the power!

This wraps up our 2014 Year of Action. See you in January!

Leave your comments, tips and suggestions about achieving your goals in 2015 and what you do to keep your goals on track all year long.


Megan Bozzuto


  1. Milagros F. Santana
    December 31, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Wrappin’ 2014 and Steppin’ Through 2015 blog by Star Jones. It was simple, insightful, and helpful. Yes, we can. Yes, we BELIEVE, BELIEVE, BELIEVE.

    Happy 2015 Everyone!!!!!!