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Star’s Corner: Women Rock! Local Chapters Celebrate Women’s History


Women Rock! The rest is history… and it’s our history. As empowered professional women, we make history every day—impacting the people in our lives, making a difference for our communities and creating positive change.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Local Chapters celebrated inspirational women throughout American history, including NAPW members! Our March eChapter meeting recognized our very own entrepreneurs. I always enjoy being able to interact, engage with and be inspired by our members, getting to know them personally and professionally—that’s what networking is all about!

Let’s recap some notable events:


Fairfield County | Chapter President Joan Cavanaugh
Connect, Engage, Succeed! Joan and her team held a two-hour networking event where NAPW members and their guests expanded their professional networks. Special guest speaker Peggy Bud—certified speech-language pathologist, former school administrator and Founder of Speaking Skillfully—offered tips to help members build strategic relationships and connections in the business world through effective communication. There were door prizes, hors d’oeuvres and great networking opportunities.

NYC | Chapter President Louise Newsome
Making History and taking names! In celebration of Women’s History Month, Team NYC Local Chapter joined together to support the placing of the very first statue honoring real women in Central Park. All registration donations collected supported The Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony Statue Fund Inc. Currently, Central Park has 22 statues honoring men and none honoring real women. The statue celebrates the largest nonviolent revolution in our nation’s history—the movement for women’s right to vote. That is certainly a great leap forward for all women!

Austin | Chapter President Misty D. Marmolejo
Misty and her team held a networking event to “Break the Glass Ceiling.” Their special guest speaker was NAPW member Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion® Coach. Catherine shared ways to power your network for more opportunities and to increase chances of being hired. Three NAPW Members sponsored the informative event and food/refreshments were served banquet-style.

Brandon | Chapter President Janet A. Williams
A woman’s word is powerful! In honor of Women’s History Month, Janet and her team celebrated “The Voices of Women.” Attendees and members shared philosophies, poetry and personal/professional experiences. There is nothing more powerful than women coming together to share ideas, stories and unforgettable moments!

Tulsa | Chapter President Michele Scott
Michele and her team mean business! They held their meeting to discuss business start-ups and long-term business goals. NAPW members listened and learned from special guest speaker, Christina Culver—the Women’s Business Center Coordinator—and were provided with business resources and expert advice. Attendees brought their business cards and had a great time networking with like-minded business professionals.

Raleigh-Durham | Chapter President Rhonda C. Hicks
If you’re asked about your business or occupation, would you be able to describe it in 30 seconds? Rhonda and her team believe that practice makes perfect, so they discussed methods on how to develop a detailed and concise elevator pitch and how to deliver it effectively at their meeting. They featured five NAPW woman entrepreneurs who established their own local businesses and shared information about their companies and their individual journeys in the entrepreneurial world. Great work, ladies!

Tampa | Chapter President Ginger Rockey-Johnson
Ginger’s team got social at their Chapter meeting with a hands-on social media training workshop. Specially, they learned how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and even how to navigate through NAPW.com, NAPW members learned how to utilize these platforms to benefit their businesses and brought information about their services to share with the group. Attendees came prepared with their laptops for a fun, informative and interactive meeting.

Here’s to making history together!

We want to hear from you! Did you attend March Local Chapter networking events? Share your memorable moments with us. Please comment below.


Megan Bozzuto