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Star’s Corner: NAPW Members Embraced their Family Heritage


No matter where you’re headed, it’s important to know where you came from. Learning about your heritage, roots and ancestry can help you understand more about yourself and your family.

NAPW members have diverse backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives and lifestyles. During Family Heritage Month, Local Chapters held events where members shared all about their family legacies, memories, traditions and cultures. From family heirloom Show & Tell to discussions about family businesses—this month’s meetings were filled with inspirational stories of the past, and delectable family dishes and recipes.

Here’s a look at what our NAPW family was up to this month:

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City | Chapter President Nancy Ford
Food, fun and family heritage! Nancy and the professional women of Salt Lake City got together for a delicious lunch filled with networking and family history. The meeting featured Paulette Stevens who presented an interactive presentation on “Tips to Make Your Story Count.” Attendees learned how to use storytelling in their professional and personal lives. Wonderful work, ladies!

Tampa | Chapter President Ginger Rockey-Johnson
Ginger and her team know that the more you tell people about your business, the sooner it will grow. That’s why they held a meeting for Chapter members to bring and share information about their businesses. Special guest presenter, Rosalyn Gist Porter—Public Speaking Coach & Speaker—shared how to make your story worth talking about and the key components it should have to capture an audience. Go team Tampa!

San Diego | Chapter President Edna Valdez
Local Chapter members of San Diego held an All in the Family Lunch & Learn where they shared and discussed the history of their heritage. Members brought in family recipes passed down through the generations. The meeting featured two speakers—an estate planning attorney and a successful dermatologist—who discussed their cultural lineages and backgrounds. Sounds like a fun meeting!

Fairfax County | Chapter President Pamela Sams 
Networking and nostalgia! The ladies of Fairfax County organized a Family Heirloom Show & Tell where everyone brought in an item or box of items passed down to them or given to them by family members no longer alive. NAPW members went around the room and shared their stories and traditions that dated back to before they were born.


DeKalb-Gwinnett | Chapter President Kim Dildy
Since cooking tastes better when you’re with family, Kim and her team cooked up something special for their Chapter meeting. In honor of Family Heritage Month, members all contributed to creating a Heritage Cookbook. Attendees brought in family dishes and desserts for tasting, or recipes to share in the cookbook. Guest Speaker Sterling Hawkins, General Counsel at Brighter Brain, presented on how to form a corporation / LLC, start a business and hire employees. NAPW members gained insight on confidentiality, raising funds, marketing and a ton of other related topics to help them build their family legacies.

Palo Alto | Chapter President Anita Bist
Success is in the DNA! Really . . . there’s a science behind it. Anita and her team held a meeting that featured Professor Christine Green, President of the San Mateo Genealogical Society. She talked about tracing family roots and how genetics plays a role in who we are in the world. Interesting!

Phoenix | Chapter President Suzanne Webb
Family heritage is part of American history. To honor the theme of Heritage Month, the Phoenix Chapter held a meeting for NAPW members to share about their family businesses and the journeys of their ancestors in pursuit of the American dream. Attendees and their guests presented their family trees and shared how their culture and family history influenced their personal and professional values. Members also had the opportunity to showcase their businesses at the event.

Here’s to embracing diversity and creating our own legacies!

Has your family heritage played a role in where you are personally or professionally? Share your comments below.


Megan Bozzuto

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