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Star’s Corner: My Holiday Season Survival Guide



You have work to do; the deadline won’t wait. But, it’s the holidays. So? Grab your laptop. Trudge through the slush, wind and sideways-blowing snow. (Don’t you love that?!) Arrive at your destination five minutes late. Listen to the wrath of your relatives reminding you how irresponsible you are regardless of the fact you were just promoted to a senior management position. (But, it was only five minutes and the snow was blowing sideways!) Sit at the table, look at the horrible food you don’t like and pretend to love it – of course, you’ll have seconds! Yum! (Yuck!) While gagging, some relative you haven’t seen in years starts complaining and your eyes glaze over… and glaze over… more glazed than the overcooked ham you just swallowed… without chewing. Your face hits the plate. (Whump!)  Stress much? Welcome to the holiday season! And, time for…



Workin’ It Out
I know your tired. You’re so tired that your tired is tired. Believe me, I know the feeling. Balancing work and life is tough, especially around the holidays. You need some time to unwind, to enjoy the festivities, to socialize and have fun. Knowing work needs to get done during all of this is a major stressor. So, plan ahead. Allot time for whatever work you need to do, whether in the morning before you start your day or in the evening when it’s quiet; and make the most of your time off by spending it with family, friends or simply relaxing.

Call of the Wilde
Famed writer, Oscar Wilde said, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” Around the holidays, give yourself a break. Stop worrying; relax and take a breather. Even better, take a stroll in your favorite park, visit a local museum you’ve been wanting to see and take your time viewing each piece of art, hang with some friends at a coffee bar and have a laugh or two or three – if you’re up for it! Remember: If a problem cannot be solved what’s the use in worrying? And, if it can, then there’s no need to worry at all! Since you’ve already planned ahead for fitting work into your schedule, enjoy and go a little wild yourself!


Oh, No! Another Office Party
I don’t have time for this! Yes, you do. No, I don’t, there’s work to do. Obviously, you didn’t read my first holiday season survival tip. So, go back up two tips and read it. I’ll wait… See, I used my time wisely while waiting for you. I did a little work. Back to the office party… This is your time to shine, to network and connect with the people you’ve been emailing who sit just three feet from you! Get to know them; let them know you. Office parties are one of the best ways to build working relationships that can help change your future for the better.


When the Going Gets Tough…
The tough go shopping! Hey, it’s the holiday season. If money’s tight, consider having a family Secret Santa, make each other presents or give the gift of volunteering with your family at your favorite charity. If you’re concerned your present will be returned or re-gifted, buy gift cards. That way, friends and family can get what they want. And, think of your shopping time as a great way to fit some exercise in over the holidays – walking is one of the healthiest things to do to stay fit and de-stress.

Yes, this is all a bit tongue in cheek; much better than foot in mouth. In all seriousness though, the message is loud and clear: Make the most of the holiday season; your time off; spending treasured moments with friends and family; relaxing; and networking with co-workers and everyone else you encounter over the holidays. Live in the moment, don’t stress; you’ll get your work done.

The first time my doctor asked me if I ever had a stress test. I said, ‘Every day… it’s called life!’

Now go enjoy yours!

Happy Holidays!


Megan Bozzuto

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