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Star’s Corner: MLK Day of Service — The Power of a Dream


“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”
–Martin Luther King, Jr.

His powerful words inspired a nation… Martin Luther King, Jr. embraced diversity in a conventional world. He encouraged a place where everyone shares the wealth of the earth in peace and equality.

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Today is a Day of Service as we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy — his life, achievements and dreams. Dr. King was a revolutionary leader who campaigned against racial segregation and promotion of non-violent civil rights movements. His principles are increasingly significant to the personal and professional progress of our nation.

Dr. King once said there is great importance in doing for others. I have faith in this message and remain deeply devoted to paying it forward by providing women with resources to achieve success. As President of NAPW, I lead the largest professional women’s networking organization in the country. Within our diverse communities, we unite to fulfill our dreams and inspire others to fulfill theirs. Each of us contributes to strengthening our communities throughout the year, making service part of our daily lives.

Start the year by giving back. NAPW Foundation initiatives and Local Chapter events create powerful opportunities for women to spread profound messages through passion, commitment and alliance. Today and all year long, be an inspiration by making a difference.

Here are some ways to offer service all year long:

Inspire Youth Leadership
Organize youth groups and activities to send positive messages about diversity and acceptance. Engage and develop communications between young people discussing pressing issues in schools, communities and the world. Create opportunities to learn, interact and relate through music, art and creative expression.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Inspire yourself! Stretch your service through communities and neighborhoods. Extend your heart and your hands without limits wherever you can. Continue networking and fostering meaningful connections locally and beyond. Use your knowledge, resources and experience to find new ways to help.

Lend Your Voice
Get involved in NAPW Local Chapter events where you can discuss your personal passions and support a philanthropic cause. See what Chapters are doing do promote education, raise awareness, embrace diversity and so much more! Take advantage of endless opportunities to offer your voice and become part of something amazing.

Find Your Personal Power
Professional success thrives by achieving personal goals that matter to you. The more you achieve, the better you feel. Inspire others with your knowledge and accomplishments to keep on your path to achieving your goals. With support along the way, all opportunities are within reach!

Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.!

Are you offering your services on MLK Jr. Day? How will you make a powerful impact this year?


Megan Bozzuto

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