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Star’s Corner: Local Chapters Raised Awareness about Stress and Sexual Assault


NAPW professional women make a difference every month at their Local Chapter events and in their personal and professional lives. They inspire, empower and educate each other about important topics that impact women, girls and their communities.

Last month, we were reminded about the effects of stress and the alarming truths about sexual violence in America. Excessive long-term stress (if left untreated) can cause a variety of health problems in women, including heart disease, the No. 1 killer of women. Local Chapters raised awareness about stress at their events and learned stress management techniques from experts in health and wellness. At our most recent eChapter eventwe discussed the differences between normal and excessive stress, the impact stress has on physical and mental health, how to stay productive at work when stress affects you and stress management tips for professional women.

NAPW members also raised awareness about sexual assault and learned how to protect themselves by being alert and aware of their surroundings. Local Chapters held events to discuss the facts and raised funds for community programs and local organizations that protect and support victims of sexual violence. Our latest Feature Story is a prime example of two incredible NAPW women (a mother and daughter) who are doing their part in the fight against human trafficking, a disturbing form of sexual violence that unfortunately exists within our country, not only overseas. They are Co-Founders of the 4P Project, a nonprofit organization that works with communities to prevent sex slavery and human trafficking. You can read their story here.

Here’s a look back at some impactful Local Chapter events:


Birmingham | Chapter President Leigh Ana Amerson
Mmm…I just love the smell of Cajun food and success in the air! Leigh Ana and her team participated in the 6th Annual Girls Inc. Cajun Cook-off. NAPW members and their guests raised $500 for NAPW Foundation partner, Girls Inc. and the entire event raised over $100,000! Everyone came together for a collective mission to “inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.” Amazing work, ladies—I’m proud!

Hudson County | Chapter President LaTrenda Ross
Recycling and raising awareness—it’s a double whammy of giving back to the community! LaTrenda and her team raised awareness of rape and sexual assault by recycling their denims to WomenRising—a community-based organization in Hudson County that helps women and their families. It provides supportive counseling, crisis intervention, workforce development and job placement, shelter for victims of domestic violence, outreach, advocacy and referrals.

Tacoma | Chapter President Anne Tipper 
Stress less to be at your best! That’s exactly what team Tacoma did at their event to help NAPW women reduce stress in their personal and professional lives. Attendees shared stress management tips and business resources with each other and there were also opportunities to donate to NAPW Foundation partner, the American Heart Association. Ladies, share some of your stress management tips below—the more, the better!


Orland Park | Chapter President Helen Morgan
Defend and De-Stress! Helen and her group gathered together at a local restaurant to discuss how to stress less, and learned some important self-defense tips. Guest speakers included NAPW members, Felicia Houston and Denise Hunter. Attendees enjoyed a fun evening of learning and networking. Share some highlights from your event below!

Chicago | Chapter President Crystal Spaeth
It’s time for some spring cleaning…which also means cleaning up the stress in your life. Crystal and her team held an event to discuss how to clean up bad habits, clear up the mind and sweep in better balance for healthier personal, career and business growth. The evening included a panel of NAPW members who shared their health and wellness expertise—Vivien Joy Lamadrid, Founder, Journeys for Wellness, Inc.; Beth A. Burns, Founder, the (er) factor; and Sunita Vira, Founder, Chef and Educator, Raw Food Center, LLC. That’s how you spring forward…great job!

Indianapolis | Chapter President Michelle Schreiber
Michelle and her team invited the organization Purchased to their Chapter meeting to discuss the very important issue of modern day slavery, which is happening in Midwest America. The Purchased mission is to empower communities to end this very serious form of sexual abuse. It is estimated that two children are sold every minute into the sex trade. That is alarming! Purchased raises awareness and educates people about modern day slavery, and inspires them to join in the abolition movement. The organization invests in youth through educational opportunities, empowering them to rise to the challenge to be allies against sexual exploitation. Purchased also collaborates with organizations to provide survivor support.

Carrollton | Chapter President Janet Bernstein
Janet and her team held a meeting where NAPW members and guests came together to brainstorm ways to overcome their professional challenges. They also discussed the importance of being aware of your surroundings at all times with special guest speaker and NAPW member, Susan Campbell. Susan is a “Trouble Spotter” and licensed to teach community programs (both public and private) on the subjects of violent crime and criminal exploitation. Being prepared and powered with knowledge—that’s how we do it!


San Jose | Chapter President Cynthia Denny
Cynthia and her team got down to the bottom of stress and learned about domestic violence and sexual assault. Beth Williams from Next Door Solutions spoke about gender equality issues and the generational cycle of domestic violence. Their stress awareness panel, moderated by Shari Thompson, included Carol Adamski, Bonnie Farris, Kristen Hoyer and Dianne Hill. Donations were collected for the personal needs of women and babies in crisis. The meeting was thoughtful and enlightening and included five new women who were in attendance. That’s amazing, ladies. Keep up the good work.

Dayton | Chapter President Carmen Gooden
NAPW professional women are bold, fierce and unstoppable! Carmen and her team proved that by holding their Chapter event to discuss how to be strong leaders in their fields. Special guest speaker, NAPW member and Life Recovery Coach Eva Williamson shared strategies for being confident and impactful at work and tips for healthy conflict resolution, and discussed why boundaries are critical in the workplace.

Brandon | Chapter President Janet A. Williams
Stress can be unhealthy and even life threatening if you don’t take care of yourself. Janet and her team made stress management the focus of their meeting, discussing the signs and symptoms of stress and offering tips on how to combat “the common killer.”   

We want to hear from you! Did you attend April Local Chapter networking events? Share your memorable moments with us. Please comment below.


Megan Bozzuto