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Star’s Corner: Local Chapters Exercised their Passion for Physical Fitness


Women were never meant to stay in one place. We tread forward, with the passion and determination to succeed.

May was Physical Fitness and Sports Month and Local Chapters exercised their passion for and commitment to living a healthy, active lifestyle. Daily physical activity can help prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, various cancers and depression. It can even help you live longer—research from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine shows that regular exercise can add up to five years to your life.

Running, jogging, sprinting, walking—whatever it takes to get there, we get there! NAPW professional women held physical fitness events all month long and powered their network with sports, fitness and activities to stay moving.

Let’s jump right into it, then! Here’s a look at some exciting Local Chapter events:


St. Petersburg | Chapter President Jennifer Joern 
Straight to the finish line! Jennifer and her team went the extra mile to support Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital’s Running for All Children race. Johns Hopkins provides expert care for infants, children and teens with some of the most challenging medical problems in our community and around the world. NAPW members got moving and joined Johns Hopkins in its mission to treat and heal children. Great work, ladies!

Tacoma | Chapter President Anne Tipper
Fitness, Health and Networking…three of my favorite things! And the Tacoma Chapter had all of them at its a”May”zing event. Three expert panelists took the floor to discuss health and fitness, including NAPW member and Holistic Health Coach, Tammy Smith; a Naturopathic doctor and a clinical instructor of Kinesiology. NAPW members and their guests learned the relationship between stress and health disorders, how to incorporate exercise into everyday life without equipment or a gym membership and how diet choices can be medicinal and important to your digestive tract health.

Las Vegas | Chapter President Rachel Flanigan
Rachel and her team got into the “swing” of things at their putt-putt networking event. NAPW members played mini golf with their guests, networked and got some exercise.


Lexington | Chapter President Faith Yascone & Louisville | Chapter President Joy Yascone
The bigger the hat, the better! National Director of Chapters, Louise Newsome and I had a great time in Louisville, the home of the Kentucky Derby. We hosted this fabulous event in a charming Victorian garden oasis where NAPW members and guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres and impressed with their best Derby attire—including some of the funkiest, unique looking hats I’ve ever seen. It was a blast, and the party didn’t end there! Louise, Joy and Faith and I went to the races and had a night of fun at the Barnstable Brown Derby Party. Amazing women, great times.

New York City | Chapter President Louise Newsome
Search and you shall find! Team NYC exercised their scavenger skills with a networking scavenger hunt. NAPW members and attendees brought their ‘A’ Game and had a great time talking about what they love, practicing—not just small talk—but all kinds of conversation and laughing with friends (old and new) as they upped the ante with a little healthy competition. Special guest speaker, NAPW member and renowned psychologist, Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis discussed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and provided a demonstration. Attendees learned how to control their emotional destiny despite and including life’s challenges.

Plano | Chapter President Marissa Stone 
The professional women of Plano celebrated 31 days of fitness with physical fitness events all month long. Their events focused on ways to take care of themselves and they learned how to incorporate healthy changes into their daily lives and strategies for healthy meal planning. The Plano Chapter also held Pure Barre classes for all levels of fitness and experience. Work it, ladies!

Orland Park | Chapter President Helen Morgan 
Fun and fitness…what a great combination! Orland Park Chapter President Helen Morgan and her team got physical with an evening of Zumba. NAPW members felt the rhythm, networked and brought their friends to enjoy great music and good times.

Rhonda C. Hicks | Chapter President Raleigh-Durham
On your mark, get set…Go! That’s right, professional women are always on the run! Rhonda and her team joined the race at The Gildan Life Time Esprit De She, the nation’s premier athletic event series for women. NAPW members split into two groups—one for walkers and joggers and the other for runners. The race began with a 5k “Happy Hour,” followed by a festive market filled with energetic tunes, a bubbly bar to toast their success, healthy bites and some post-race pampering by the Panasonic Beauty Bar.

With support, motivation and the will to succeed, professional women can achieve anything. Keep moving forward, ladies!

We want to hear from you? What keeps you moving? Did you attend May Local Chapter networking events? Share your memorable moments with us. Please comment below.


Megan Bozzuto


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