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Star’s Corner: Local Chapters Celebrate Women’s History Month


Bold, courageous, empowered! Women make history every day, impacting the world and creating positive change. March was about celebrating inspirational women, and our Local Chapters paid tribute to women leaders of today, throughout history and around the world. NAPW members held exciting Local Chapter events, providing motivational networking opportunities for professional women and inspirational guest speakers sharing stories of personal and professional success. Through encouraging networking events, professional women build lasting connections and support each other to pursue their professional goals and dreams.

Let’s recap some of NAPW’s powerful March initiatives:


St. Petersburg | Chapter President Maurie Lung
Professional women of NAPW inspire, empower and succeed. Maurie and her team certainly did, with a motivational “Women-In-Business” event, where NAPW members and non-members connected in a powerful networking environment. Women in all stages of professional development had the opportunity to discuss their professional goals, exchange ideas and promote their businesses with other local women. Our St. Petersburg Chapter further embraced their networking power by holding an exciting “Networking Social” later in the month. Great work, ladies!  


Schaumburg, IL | Chapter President Joan Van Allen
Aspiring for success was the order of business for Joan and her team, as they held a delicious potluck dinner for Chapter members. Guests shared their favorite family dishes, as well as personal and professional aspirations on their own motivational “Vision Boards.” What an exciting and interactive way to brainstorm for success! NAPW professional women can achieve anything and everything with a strong network of support. Here’s to living our dreams!

North Houston | Chapter President Kerri Roberson
Feel the networking heat! Kerri and her team held an NAPW networking luncheon, featuring a special guest speaker from the Houston Fire Department, who shared HERstory about her important roles and contributions as a firefighter, engineer and operator. This inspirational afternoon empowered women to succeed in overcoming their fears to achieve their dreams. Members and guests networked, enjoyed delicious bites, became inspired and celebrated successes and achievements of local professional women. Truly inspirational! Thank you, North Houston Chapter for your impactful efforts! 

Pembroke Pines, FL | Chapter President Sylvia Doane-Ward
It’s all about celebrating women’s entrepreneurial achievement! Sylvia and her team of professional women held a meeting that featured an inspiring entrepreneurial guest speaker – a mother of a young adult son with autism who established her own customized home design business for individuals with disabilities. NAPW members learned the importance of creating “special places” for special people and how personal experience often sparks the passion to make a difference. Providing networking opportunities for others to succeed is what NAPW is all about. Keep up the great work, Pembroke Pines!


Orland Park, IL | Chapter President Helen Morgan
Helen and her Chapter demonstrated that inspiration is timeless by hosting a motivational evening of empowerment. NAPW professional women had an opportunity to reflect on the women who have inspired them, the women they’ve become and the next generation of powerful women who will continue to make history happen. A certified personal and executive coach hosted the evening and led a “Heart-Mind-Time” activity where members explored how they spend their time, how their lives can be better adjusted and how to embrace time to achieve the most out of their lives. It’s our time to make history happen!

Portland | Chapter President Carol Stormer
Brave, strong, fearless! American women serve to protect our country. Carol and her team honored women veterans returning from Afghanistan by hosting a discussion with an outreach coordinator from the “Returning Veterans Project.” NAPW members learned about how they can help returning veterans through volunteering their time and their services to provide support and healing for veterans and their families. Professional women create a supportive network, helping veterans adjust as they re-enter into their communities. It’s all about encouragement and providing women with the power succeed!


Forest Hills | Chapter President Anjali Chugh
It’s true, women mean business! Anjali and her team firmly believe that passionate ideas and powerful planning are keys to business success. That’s why they hosted a “We Are Women Event,” providing women entrepreneurs—new and accomplished—the business skills needed to create prosperous, fulfilling lives. The event featured an entrepreneur guest speaker and a highly accomplished small business owner. Their discussion focused business building and money-making strategies; how to find hidden money in business; shifting the business model; attracting new clients and finding unique marketing angles. Here’s to business success!

How did you celebrate Women’s History Month? Is there a woman in your life who has inspired you? Share your comments below.


Megan Bozzuto

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