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Star’s Corner: Improve Your Financial Wellness In 2015 – You’re Worth It!


You’ve made it over the ‘Holiday Hump’… your stomach pleads, no more! … But your wallet is two cents away from starving.


Embrace new beginnings. Take control of your finances and make 2015 the beginning of a financial movement! You’ve imagined a world where you worry less and make more — so stop dreaming. Build your empire and live your dreams. Achieving your financial resolutions starts with YOU. You are your most powerful motivator.

Financial wellness is all about finding a healthy balance between your physical and mental well-being and preparing for future financial success. Achieve financial wellness by evaluating how you think and feel about money, understand your financial situation, successfully handle changes and plan ahead. Recognize things that influence your finances to avoid potential money problems in the future. Manage all aspects of wellness and take control over your finances.

On the road to financial freedom, remember these useful tips:

Map Out A Budget Plan
Life’s a journey… So plan your expenditures. Know where you’re going, take direction and remember where you’ve been. Evaluate your past financial mistakes and develop a budget plan containing your monthly income and living expenses. Stick to your financial map and keep your eyes on the road. Keeping financial records and receipts organized is a great way to begin on a clear path toward financial wellness. Monitor your spending habits so down the road, you can evaluate what needs to change.

Avoid Spending Distractions
But I need that pair of shoes! … Understanding the difference between needs and wants will help establish spending discipline and financial priorities. There are many financial diversions so stay cautious. Be aware of distractions and set realistic goals. Cut unnecessary expenses. For example, instead of paying four dollars each morning on that much-needed large cup of coffee, buy a coffee machine at home and invest in a nice travel mug.


Wear a Financial Seatbelt
Always protect yourself and your assets by balancing money you earn with money you owe. Always pay bills on time and keep a savings account. Treat your account like a monthly bill and pay yourself each month. Save… save… save! Aim to have at least six months of salary available in your savings account. It’s important to prepare for unexpected emergencies.

Ask For Directions
If you’re lost, pull over and ask for help. Money grows by saving and planning, so if you’re having trouble mapping out a budget plan, seek financial advice from a professional advisor. Financial consultants point you in the right direction to reach your money goals – whether it’s budget management, retirement planning, developing investment strategies or other financial advice.

Take the Wheel
Educate yourself on financial wellness and best practices. Take an investing class online or at a local community college. Make the most of 401K plans available to you at work or retirement plans if you are self-employed. Get involved in financial workshops, events and individual Local Chapter meetings to increase your financial knowledge.

You have the power to achieve financial wellness this year. Lead the way to financial success and enjoy the ride!

What steps have you made to secure financial success? What will you do differently this year? Share your comments below.


Megan Bozzuto

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