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Star’s Corner: How to Win with A Corporate Internship Program – Part One


Have you struggled to find the perfect job candidate? Someone with the right skills – and just as important, the right personality? Filling positions with great people or even finding help for short-term projects can be a challenge. But you can get a jump-start on the process with one solution: hiring interns. At any age or career stage, interns can help you meet your company’s needs.

According to Glassdoor, there were more than 27,500 open internships across the US in 2015. Interns don’t just make coffee – they bring dynamic qualities to the table and can be an extremely valuable asset. Many small businesses and corporations are getting on board with corporate internship programs—NAPW did!


Last summer, we developed a fantastic college internship program. We wanted to create a highly advanced opportunity for young women to develop academic, career and professional skills. NAPW designed an interactive, hands-on, exciting work environment where they could speak up for themselves, try new skills and contribute in meetings and lead projects.

As part of our program, a handful of interns worked closely with the editorial team, communicating daily with members, and writing press releases and blogs for our newsletter. Some also worked directly with the NAPW corporate development team and with our Local Chapter Division, engaging members on social media and staying in touch with Leadership Team members.

NAPW also hosted weekly “Lunch & Learns” where interns could learn all about marketing, graphic design, social media and technology. It was immensely gratifying to encourage these bright young women to ignite their interests and follow their dreams. In turn, their presence here brought forward unique insights, fresh perspectives and great memories that we’ll always cherish here at NAPW. It was an empowering experience for all who participated.

Here’s some feedback from a couple of our interns about their experiences:

“As per usual, job well done! Just wanted to let you know that you conducted a great session today…I enjoyed how interactive it was and benefited a lot from hearing about your personal experiences/stories throughout your careers. I’m not only glad to be a part of these weekly sessions, but I feel fortunate to be associated with all of you accomplished women! I sure do hope that this will remain an ongoing program as you continue to employ future interns. I know they would each find value in or inspiration from what you have to share with them as you have with myself and the other interns here this summer.” –Allison B., 2015 Development Intern

“I wanted to take the time out of my last day here at NAPW to say thank you very much to every one of you who I’ve had the pleasure to work with during this amazing internship. Thank you for teaching me a little bit of everything as a member of the editorial/marketing team. I am extremely grateful for all our conversations, and the time spent in giving me the best internship experience as possible.” –Christina D., 2015 Editorial Intern

It’s wonderful to receive positive feedback from our interns, which affirms the value and significance of programs like these. And some of our interns still work here today! In fact, internship programs allow you to help nurture potential talent and recruitment. And that helps employee retention and business productivity. In the short term and for the future, it’s a win-win.

Stay tuned for my next blog, which will include tips for creating an internship program and how to make it a great experience for all.

We want to hear from you! Have you considered hiring interns? Why/why not? Share below.


Megan Bozzuto