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Star’s Corner: How to use the Summer Slowdown to Boost your Career


Ahh…the summer. The temperature rises, days are longer, smiles and good times are shared, and everyone seems happier. The pace of life simply slows down and the lazy, hazy days of summer take over.

It’s a sluggish season for many industries—employees, clients and customers take vacations and projects go on hold until after the summer season dies down. Although a reduced workload may tempt you to take the entire season off, consider using the downtime to stay ahead of the game.

Here are some things you can do to use the summer slowdown to boost your career:

Don’t let the sun go down on your network.
It may feel like everyone’s away for the summer, but your network is actually right at your fingertips! Check out NAPW’s summer eChapter replay series. Rewatch your eChapter favorites while you network live with NAPW members nationwide.

Keep your circle fresh and updated. Look for in-person meetups or other events in your field, reconnect with former co-workers and bosses to see what they’re up to, or get together with new contacts or customers away from the usual settings—places like the beach, the lakeshore, or on a rooftop cabana. NAPW Local Chapter meetings are in full effect this summer, so check the events schedule to see what’s happening in your area. Networking is always in season!

Young lady reading a book in hammock on a beach at sunset

Keep on learning.
Free time? Sharpen your professional skills! Sign up for that webinar you’ve been meaning to watch or take online courses when you’re chilling on your hammock or under the umbrella at the beach. Consider what learning style is right for you. While some may excel learning online, others may learn better in-person at a university or hands-on environment. NAPW offers members a variety of NAPW Educational Advancement Resources from live/on-demand seminars and webinars to personalized learning programs, scholarship opportunities and more.

Get plenty of exercise.
Enjoy the longer days and summer breezes with early morning walks, swims, workouts or bike rides. Exercise with friends, with your kids or with a new member of your network. There’s nothing like a relaxed walk for getting to know someone better. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle will not just get you in better shape, it will improve your outlook on life and give you the stamina for learning new skills, aiming for a promotion or discovering a new career path.

Consider an internship.
Between jobs?  Switching careers? You can refresh your career profile and outlook on life with a summer internship. I know what you’re thinking—internships are for college students. Simply not true. To prove it, here’s an article on why women over 40 make the best interns. If the moment is right and you can afford a lower salary for a given period of time, you can learn valuable skills with a whole new crew of people in a whole new discipline. Find out what organizations are offering summer internships near you. The network you create could be a life-changer.

Enjoy your summer slowdown, ladies – but keep up the energy!  xoxo

Star Jones | President
National Association of Professional Women


Megan Bozzuto