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Star’s Corner: Bouncing Back – How to Rebound from Setbacks

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Setbacks are inevitable. I always say, the last setback is a setup for the next success. Although it may steer us a bit farther from success than we had originally planned, it doesn’t necessary equate to failure. In fact, you should never confuse a setback with failure. A setback isn’t a dead end—it’s a learning curve on your way to success. So, rise above and bounce back!

An important part of achieving our goals is overcoming the challenges we may experience along the way. For instance, when I got fired on national television I took that setback and pushed myself forward into the next chapter of my career. You don’t know your real purpose in life until you’re actually walking in it . . . and here I am, empowering professional women to Aspire, Connect and Achieve the success they deserve. I advocate for the causes and issues I believe in and I know that all of my setbacks have made it all possible.


Even the most successful women of our time have experienced their share of setbacks. Before she became queen of her own media empire, Oprah Winfrey was fired from her first TV job as an anchor in Baltimore; before Vera Wang became a leader in the fashion industry, she wanted to be an Olympic figure skater but failed to make the US Olympic Team; when Ariana Huffington published her second book, it was rejected by 36 publishers despite the success of her first book.

On your professional journey, if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Here are some ways to help you bounce back from discouraging setbacks:

Define Success on Your Own Terms.
Do this by defining YOURSELF on your own terms – stripped of all expectations. Since failure is subjective and success is a personal journey, only you have the ability to take responsibility for your happiness. Determine what is truly valuable to you so you are on your own individual, unique path.

SMART goals work—they’re Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should play it safe all the time. You should never be afraid to test your limits and set goals that challenge you to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone.

Try Another Approach.
Accept the unpredictable curveballs and understand that you may not always have control over everything. What you do have control of is your approach. Adjust your sails and move in a different direction. You are the captain of your own ship.

Find Strength in Wisdom.
Your best teacher is your last mistake. Every experience—negative or positive—is an opportunity to learn, reflect and grow. Just be mindful when you repeat a mistake because then it’s not a mistake anymore; it’s a decision. In order to know what to do, you must learn what not to do and that’s why mistakes are so important to make.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!
When you’re confident about what you’re working towards and passionate about succeeding, then it all becomes clear. Make mistakes, but don’t quit. Learn and move forward, and never settle for less than you deserve. There are things in life that may slow you down, but ladies, you are unstoppable!

Here’s to bouncing back!

We want to hear from you! Share a situation when you rebounded from a setback and came out on top. Please comment below.


Megan Bozzuto