Sponsored Post: NAPW Members Receive up to 20% Off Lenovo ThinkPad Edge & T Series Laptops


NAPW members get up to 20% off ThinkPad Edge & Thinkpad T series laptops from Lenovo, NAPW’s official tech sponsor, until July 31!


The ThinkPad Edge line has metal accents on sleek bodies. Striking infinity display. Snazzy Heatwave Red and sedate Midnight Black, all with chrome framing, or Brushed Aluminum Metal Black with dark chrome framing. And the premium models come in Mocha Black with a soft-touch streak-resistant finish.


ThinkPad Edge (2)

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge


The ThinkPad T series line has powerful, cutting-edge processors that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, without a lasting dent in your wallet. With something for everyone’s budget—from savvy business go-getters to creative entrepreneurs—this is a ThinkPad laptop that fits your business image.


T series ThinkPad (2)

Lenovo ThinkPad T Series

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