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Putting Yourself First – It’s not Selfish, It’s Necessary

Q&A-with-Louise-bannerTaking care of yourself and making personal investments is essential when it comes to living a fulfilling and successful life. As I mentioned in my message, even First Lady Michelle Obama finds time to make herself a priority. It’s important to take care of you, so you can take care of business!

Why is putting yourself first an unselfish act?

A: Writings of several life coaches say we should act in our own best interests. This can feel uncomfortable and most people might worry that they are being selfish by putting themselves first. But coming to realize that acting in your own best interests, when done properly, isn’t a selfish act – it’s a way to ensure that you’re making the very best of your life so that you can help those around you to make the very best of theirs.

Q: What are your best interests? How do you base your actions, your goals, your time management and your life on them, and how will this affect the people around you?

A: Some suggest that acting consistently in your own best interests involves four areas:

  • Meeting your physical needs, such as getting enough sleep and exercise
  • Meeting your emotional needs, such as asking for support when you need it
  • Meeting your mental needs, such as having a stimulating job
  • Meeting your spiritual needs, such as taking time to meditate or pray

Q: How can I be thankful long-term?

A: Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Keep a gratitude journal. Reminding yourself what you have to be grateful for and recording your gratefulness each day helps to cement how thankful you are.
  • Turn your thinking around. People who are thankful for the things in their lives aren’t living an easier life than you. In fact, many of the people who practice the most gratitude are the people who have had incredibly difficult things happen to them. They understand that it isn’t the situation that’s the problem; it’s how you think about the situation that makes it easier or more difficult.
  • Practice mindfulness. By being in the moment, you are making it impossible for your brain to race ahead and worry or plan for the future or become bogged down in the past. This is one way of practicing thankfulness, because you are immersing yourself in the present by acknowledging and being thankful for the importance of the “now.”

Q: How can I be thankful in the moment?

A: There are many ways:

  • Take a break. Sometimes a good way to get you back on track and feeling better is to take a break. You’ll need to create things to be grateful for, sometimes, and a break can help you focus and make a list.
  • Tell someone you appreciate them. So often life gets busy and you forget to tell people that they matter; that you’ve noticed what they do and it means a lot to you. People will remember you more fondly if you thank them. It will cultivate an atmosphere of thankfulness that can spread.
  • Just say thank you. Speaking the words aloud can help cement the feeling of gratitude in your life. Not only that, but it helps others to know that you are thankful for the things that they have done for you. It can also help get you back on track when you’re starting to feel put-upon by the world, or anxious.




Megan Bozzuto

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