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The Power of Empowering Questions: How to Create Them to Overcome Obstacles

asking empowering questionsOn September 12, Amy Minkoff will be joining us for an eCoaching session about the Power of a Crystal Clear Vision:  3 Keys to Accelerating Your Results.  Today, Amy has joined us to offer  a “Power Tool” to use immediately that will help you do 3 things that can take your life and business to the next level:

  • Expand your creative thinking for solutions
  • Carve paths to opportunities
  • Innovate for outcomes you only once dreamed of

The “Power Tool” is the empowering question.  When we hit an obstacle and feel stuck, we are at a level of awareness at which we tend not to see potential solutions.  We pass judgment that we are “victims of circumstance.”  We make affirmations that reinforce feeling stuck.  Our mind closes off and our thinking contracts.  We don’t ask any questions, except perhaps, “Why is this happening to me?”

My invitation is to be willing to get curious and get in the mindset of asking questions in order to generate creative solutions.  The most effective questions are empowering questions.  Below are the characteristics of an empowering question:

  • Rooted in curiosity
  • Expansive, generates a higher level of awareness
  • Open ended, not closed-ended “yes or no”
  • Begins with
    • What (most expansive)
    • When (specificity)
    • Where (specificity)
  • Does not begin with “why,” which tends to undermine the person to whom the question is addressed
  • Examples: “What can I do to _____?”  “What can I do to earn $10,000 this month while having fun?  Not:  “How on earth will I pay my bills this month?

Ask empowering questions before sleep, when you meditate, when you are brainstorming, or in a creative or problem-solving meeting.  Experiment with asking empowering questions and let me know how it goes!  If you want to learn more about “sourcing for solutions,” contact me at

Want to learn about eCoching and join us for Amy’s session on September 12th? Click here to learn more and register.


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