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Paving the Way – Meet Chapter President Andie Campanella Henrich



Andie Campanella Henrich
President, ACH Professional Services
Local Chapter President, Morris County

Hello and thank you for featuring me in the NAPW Local Chapter President Spotlight. I am thrilled to be a part of this organization! When I became a member on November 8, 2014, I knew NAPW was where I could find like-minded women with interests, goals and concerns in common. I wanted to get connected to smart, driven networkers, and I certainly have!

I applied for the role of Chapter President seven months after becoming a member. I can’t thank NAPW enough for this recognition and honor. I am eager to empower NAPW members to take control of their careers and pursue their success while being happy with their work. Women are capable of marvelous things. We are natural leaders, adept at multitasking and caring. We have to empower each other and I can lead by example.

A little bit about me: I am 42 years old, a devoted spouse and a mother of two beautiful kids: Mia, 11 and Toby, 4. I was born in Argentina, lived in Brazil for 10 years and now reside in the United States. After 18 years working for IBM in Latin America, I moved to New Jersey. While applying for executive positions in the corporate world, I launched my own e-business initiative selling high-end anti-aging products.

I am an eChapter Founding Member and was honored to be a guest panelist at the September 9th eChapter meeting: Women of Achievement. I also attended the NAPW National Networking Summit recently in New York City and networked with so many amazing NAPW members.

As Chapter President, the greatest reward professionally AND personally has been receiving first-hand feedback from members who share with me how their businesses and personal experiences are enriched after our events. I have received so many positive testimonials from Local Chapter members and event presenters. In addition to that, my skills as a leader are being greatly impacted. I feel confident leading people to achieve their best.

The Morris County Chapter is doing great things and making a great impact on the community of professional women. We are spreading the message and raising awareness on how important it is for our businesses and our souls to network with like-minded women. We warmly host other women at our events and attract them to become new members. Although I started a short time ago, we are already paving the way.

I want to meet and exceed expectations as an NAPW Local Chapter President and help make the Morris Local Chapter one of the most successful. Thank you.


Contact Information:

Facebook: NAPW Morris County Chapter
Twitter NAPW Morris County




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