Let’s Roar! How to Promote Yourself without Sounding Arrogant

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Self-promotion without bragging is one of the hardest skills to master. And, for women it can be even harder. Yet, it’s one of the most important skills for career and business success. As a recent study at Montana State University confirmed, women have a hard time speaking up when it comes to their achievements for fear they may sound arrogant or conceited.

NAPW By-Laws and Guidelines: Achieving Our Leadership Goals Together

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Raising the bar is easy! This month, we focus on your questions regarding NAPW By-Laws and Guidelines, created to help us achieve our goals as we move to higher levels of success. Established corporate standards provide a clear, concise foundation as a basis to create initiatives that impact the lives of professional women and girls in our communities and the world.

NAPW Local Chapter By-Laws and Guidelines

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Question: Why do we need By-Laws and Guidelines for Local Chapters? The answer is simple; because as leaders, we must adhere to, and abide by, a structured framework for self-governance. Once we have that, our creativity, ingenuity and leadership can rise to new levels as we lead our Chapters to success.