How To Build Your Personal Board of Directors

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Personal Board of Directors

As a corporate woman, the secret to climbing through the ranks is to hire a personal board of directors. It’s an informal group comprised of four to eight individuals who can help us excel in our professional career. It can be tempting to trust only ourselves, but we all need advice and support to avoid making irrational decisions that we may end up regretting.

Featured Member: Diana Fullem

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NAPW Featured Member Diana Fullem

Meet NAPW members in Featured Members, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on Elite Member Diana Fullem who founded her company Recovery InSight, Inc., to support and also empower individuals who have overcome mental health diagnoses.

How to balance a side hustle when working full time

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balancing a side hustle It seems like everyone has at least one “side hustle” these days as a second (or third) way of making a little extra money. It makes a lot of sense. Who wants to solely rely on an employer for the security of being able to pay the rent or mortgage, feed your family and make sure that you have enough set aside for emergencies.