NAPW Guest Contributor: If I Wrote a Book What Would It Do for Me?

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NAPW boasts a membership of professional women from across a wide spectrum of industries and professions. One thing we came to realize along the way is that we have quite a few authors in this organization!

So about three years ago, we launched NAPW Authors, a page on our website dedicated to showcasing our authors.

Sponsored Post: NAPW Members Receive up to 20% Off Lenovo ThinkPad Edge & T Series Laptops

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NAPW members get up to 20% off ThinkPad Edge & Thinkpad T series laptops from Lenovo, NAPW’s official tech sponsor, until July 31!

The ThinkPad Edge line has metal accents on sleek bodies. Striking infinity display. Snazzy Heatwave Red and sedate Midnight Black, all with chrome framing, or Brushed Aluminum Metal Black with dark chrome framing.

Highlights of the NAPW National Networking Conference

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BG7_5739[1] The NAPW National Networking Conference was one of those “you had to be there” events. You may have followed the real-time tweets coming from attendees during the event, but nothing could compare with being there in person. Between the nearly 1,000 women professionals, all members of NAPW, and the panel of 12 powerful, inspiring women, hosted by Star Jones, the indescribable energy was through the roof.

Make the Most of NAPW National Networking Conference

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Whether you’re hailing a taxi from downtown Manhattan or jetting in from the West Coast, you’ll definitely want to come prepared with a game plan to help maximize your experience at the NAPW National Networking Conference (NAPWCon).

The one-day event will host some of the most influential, successful women in the world, all there to share their wisdom and experience with you.