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Once again, the holiday party season is here. Undoubtedly, at a time like this, there’s lots of advice cautioning you on office party etiquette. Mixing business with pleasure can sometimes lead to disastrous results. If you didn’t know, work rules apply even to office parties. Everything should be done in moderation, especially if you are a manager or new employee. It’s an awful feeling to wake up with a hangover only to arrive at the office to deal the embarrassment of bad behavior the previous night.

We recently put out a social media survey asking to hear about some of your worst holiday party moments. It seems alcohol consumption often leads to some disastrous results. Learn from these mistakes and enjoy your holiday parties this year! Read on for some tips on how to enjoy your time at holiday parties wisely.

Everything in Moderation

We all know that excessive drinking can often lead to embarrassing moments. During this year’s corporate party, don’t make the mistake of getting too intoxicated that you end up making a fool of yourself on the dance floor or passed out in a corner. For every cocktail you enjoy, be sure to enjoy a glass of water too. If you are unsure of how much food will be available at the party, eat a small meal or protein bar first to help counter the effects of any drinking you might do.

Avoid conflict

An argument or physical altercation with coworkers is quite common at office parties. Alcohol impairs judgment, and you’ll see people fight after a slight argument over trivial issues. Avoiding the conflict is always the best course of action!

Protect yourself

Being aware of you safety should always be on your mind, but when if you will be consuming alcohol it’s smart to be extra prepared. Set up a taxi service ahead of time to make sure that you get home safely. If you feel that somebody at the party has crossed a line and feel any threat of sexual harassment, report it to somebody at the event immediately.

Office talk

It can be easy to talk about nothing but work when you are spending time with coworkers. Be careful not to jump on the gossip train and remember that anything you share during the evening may be overheard by others around you. If somebody isn’t carrying their weight at work or if you aren’t happy with the opinion of somebody in management, now is not the time to be discussing it. Save those conversations for the office. Try to focus conversations on topics outside of work that can allow you to get to know your coworkers better. Office talk should be left at the office but if you find a good opportunity to network or share a great idea, go right ahead!

How you behave at an office party matters. Don’t make a mistake of forgetting that you’re still on office time. Be sure to enjoy this year’s corporate party consciously. You still have a job and reputation to preserve.




Megan Bozzuto

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