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October/November 2016 Member Spotlight

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blog_memberspotlight_rachel_quinn_masters_vipRachel Quinn Masters

Company: 3P Partners
Industry: Executive Search
Title: Managing Partner
Location: Davis, CA


NAPW: What advice can you offer a growing business?

Masters: Hire people that are not only talented, but people that you would enjoy working with.

NAPW: How do you keep your ideas fresh?

Masters: I regularly ask for the input of my team.  We meet every Monday morning.

NAPW: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Masters: At 3P, double the size we are today.

NAPW: What advice would you give to women planning to enter your field?

Masters: I have seen female colleagues avoid taking promotions or applying for new positions because they didn’t feel confident that they would be as competent as their male counterparts.

There are statistics that show that women typically don’t apply for job unless they’re certain they hit most of the job criteria, compared with male counterparts who tend to feel more confident applying for jobs even if they only meet 60% of the criteria.

My advice is to step outside of your comfort zone and apply regardless of your concerns, otherwise you will miss out – and that sucks.

NAPW: What was the catalyst that inspired you to start you own business?

Masters: I was working in a small town and found it challenging to secure a role as a foreigner so I decided to set up 3P and apply my prior experience in a market with low barriers to entry.

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blog_memberspot_estella_pyfromEstella Pyfrom

Company: Estella’s Brilliant Bus
Industry: Education
Title: Founder/CEO
Location: West Palm Beach, FL

What do you do to stay productive and disciplined while working from home?

Pyfrom: My mindset about working from home is the same commitment as going out to work.  It is imperative that I stay focused and continue to resist distractions during the day. Working at home must be viewed the same as any other job — production is key.

NAPW: Which is worse, failing or never trying?

Pyfrom: Never trying is worse than failing.  If you never try you can never succeed.  Success is using the approach that failure is not an option. Try. Try harder and harder to ensure success.

NAPW: What drives you to do better?

Pyfrom: I am driven to do better when I focus on the mission and the solution to the problems to be addressed. (A great match)

NAPW: When was the last time you tried something new in your business?

Pyfrom:  I am always motivated to try something new.  My focus is geared toward technology and innovation. Technology is forever changing. I look for new things to try every day.

NAPW: What is the best career advice you ever received?

Pyfrom: The best career advice that I have ever received is to know my own business.  There should not be anyone in your business that knows more about your business than you.  Stay informed and keep up with your growing business.

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blog_memberspot_andrea_slominski_vipAndrea Slominski

Company:  Midlife Re-Boot!
Industry: Life Coach
Title: Owner
Location: Santa Clarita, CA

How do you reduce stress while experiencing continuous pressure?

Slominski: I keep moving!  Some form of exercise not only improves overall health, it is the best stress reliever. I find that keeping my body moving by walking, going to the gym, gardening, or yoga, not only relieves my stress, it allows my thoughts and creativity to flow more freely! If you’re stuck, get up from the computer and go for a walk, even a short one. Additionally, my good friends also help me get through stressful times. We spend time together, share a coffee or a glass of wine and support one another by listening and offering each other solution-oriented suggestions.

NAPW: How do you maintain the networking relationships you’ve established?

Slominski: I keep in touch with my many contacts through social media, email and LinkedIn. I also attend the networking meetings and service organizations that I am a part of. I follow up with new people I have met within 48 hours.

NAPW: Describe a time when setting aside personal time from work was the healthiest choice for you.

Slominski: My longest break from work occurred when the recession hit and my college teaching hours were cut back. I decided at that point to go back to grad school. It was one of the best life choices I’ve made. Another time was when I became ill and had an 8 week prescribed recovery period. It was hard not to work, but it was necessary. Finally, when we take family vacations, I make my family a priority and try to get all my work handled and scheduled around the vacation. That way, I can “be here now” with my family.

NAPW:   In spite of your work schedule, which recreational activities do you always take part in?

Slominski: I always make time to go to the beach. It is my sacred, personal, renewal place. I swim, jump waves, boogie board, walk the beach, read and write in my journal about my dreams, goals and regrets. I love to go to the theatre and live music events too.

NAPW: Has your career choice positively influenced other areas of your life?

Slominski: Starting this business is the culmination of three deeply transformational years in graduate school, which inspired me to change careers. The rewards of this education and training overflow into all aspects of my life and into all of my relationships. It has given me deep insights into the physical and emotional processes women experience as they approach and go through menopause and midlife, enabling me to help women re-discover their passions, their authentic soulful selves, so often put on the back burner during the householder and career years. Helping women uncover their personal myth, their life story, helps them to make clear choices about their future and purposefully write their next chapters. It is creative and very rewarding work!

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blog_memberspot_angela_younger_vipAngela Younger

Company: PPD Consulting
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Title: Senior Director
Location: Rockville, MD

NAPW: Describe the ways you stay healthy at work.

Younger: I bring my lunch, go for daily walks and exercise after work. I eat healthy 95% of the time.

NAPW: What tips can you share to maintain motivated employees?

Younger: Always do your best, be a team player, maintain utmost professionalism and persevere even when you think it doesn’t matter. Push through and always strive to shine at whatever you do.

NAPW: How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Younger: I’d like to move my career in a different direction and focus on what I’m passionate about.

NAPW: What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Younger: The fact that I’m part of developing treatments and cures for people who are sick and in pain.

NAPW: What is your proudest accomplishment?

Younger: Being selected out of 15,000 people to participate in a corporate Global Leadership Program and completing it with flying colors. I acquired new skills and learned a lot about myself and how to be a more effective leader.

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