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NAPW is a diverse group of professional women from all professional walks of life . . . This is what defines us, along with being the largest women’s networking organization in the country – with more than 700,000 members and over 200 Local Chapters who Aspire, Connect and Achieve.

Q:  How can Local Chapters support the fight against Hunger while networking with their fellow Chapter members?

A:  There are many organizations across the country that advocate for the fight against hunger. Feeding America comes to mind. It’s a national network of member food banks engaged in the fight to end hunger. The website has a search feature to help visitors find the nearest food bank. Local Chapters can get involved by creating a fulfilling, purposeful event that lets them support a great initiative and really connect with the community.

Last year, the NYC Chapter hosted a “Supermarket Sweep” that supported the Bowery Mission, a local NYC food bank. Chapter members formed teams and visited the local market with a shopping list and a set budget. The goal was for each team to be creative in purchasing the items on their list, making sure to cover the much-need food groups and stay within budget.

The event ended with teams assessing the food collected. The winner was the team that collected the most nutritional products while staying within budget. Member participation was great and we played a huge role in delivering a truck full of food to the Bowery Mission.

Q:  How does supporting and understanding the LGBT community expand our minds and potentially, our businesses ?

A: Over the years, the definition of diversity has expanded beyond racial and ethnic groups to include gender, disabilities and sexual orientation, but the premise remains constant: different groups bring different—and often, new—ideas and perspectives that lead to innovation, creativity and improved performance for the businesses that employ its members. In 2012, LGBT adults in the US represented $790 billion in total buying power, making them a market force businesses could not afford to overlook. Inclusive companies have found that publicizing their support of LGBT equality has boosted their standing among consumers across the board. Surveys have shown that 71% of LGBT adults said they are more likely to remain loyal to a brand they believe to be very friendly to the LGBT community, even when less-friendly companies may offer lower prices or be more convenient. Further, three-quarters of heterosexuals and 87% of LGBT community members said they would consider choosing a brand known to provide equal benefits in the workplace.

Q: NAPW is an inclusive organization. How does this create opportunities for our members?

A: Today we often hear the word inclusion used in the context of creating opportunities for all who desire to participate. Inclusion enables internal behaviors and practices that allow everyone to feel included in the quest to create success.

Inclusion is about dignity and respect – that which we all desire. NAPW is committed to embracing professional women of all backgrounds in bridging differences and highlighting the importance of human appreciation, empathy, optimism and understanding.

Be sure to read this month’s Message from Louise for information on June Foundation calendar initiatives and to learn about how you can become a “Professional Woman of NAPW” on our social media platforms.


Megan Bozzuto

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