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NAPW Local Chapters – The Driving Force of Success



Local Chapters are the driving force behind NAPW, and we are at the forefront of new and powerful initiatives for 2015. From effective planning processes and enhanced channels of communication to social media engagement and creating bigger and better philanthropic initiatives benefiting our NAPW Foundation partners, we raise the bar in every way going forward as we further enhance our personal and professional success.

Q: Why is an effective planning process important for Local Chapter success?

A: An effective planning process creates a well-balanced program and provides Chapter members with opportunities for networking and professional development. To aide in the planning process strategy, surveys are a great way for Local Chapters to gather information from members about their interests, goals and opinions. Once you assess the results, creating goals for your Chapter that keep the energy and focus on the Chapter as a whole is much easier.

Here’s an example of a well-planned program:

  • Has Board Members assume and follow through on their responsibilities
  • Includes a variety of activities that address and follow the NAPW Foundation Calendar
  • Provides timely communication
  • Avoids calendar conflicts
  • Showcases members
  • Has the event located in an appropriate venue

Q: In early 2015, we will be introducing the NAPW Foundation Story. What is the NAPW Foundation Story?

A: It will be an extension of our NAPW Foundation Calendar of Events, a national support platform around our four philanthropic partners – the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the American Heart Association, Dress For Success and Girls Inc. Call For A Cure was an example of this; and we will host fundraising calls with all of our partners throughout 2015. Other initiatives will be put in place to assist Local Chapters so they understand exactly where and how to use their efforts so we can reach certain goals through our support as a national organization.

Q: What is the purpose of the Local Chapter newsletter?

A: The purpose of this newsletter is to share what is happening within the world of NAPW Local Chapters, our successes and goals, along with spotlights on our Chapter Presidents, highlighting their Local Chapter and professional achievements. Through the newsletter our members get to know us a little better each month and learn about the dynamic women who lead our Local Chapters. The Q&A section allows me to share more specific information regarding our mission, our Foundation, Local Chapter insights and many other questions that fall into my lap that I want to answer to educate us all a little more about our purpose here at NAPW.

Q: Over the next quarter, how are we working on effective ways to enhance our Chapter Presidents’ leadership skills?

A: This will be done in a couple of ways… by providing a handbook that will be the A-Z on running a Local Chapter and creating a leadership certification program. The handbook will outline how to hold an event, how to market an event, guidelines on social media, setting up your Leadership Team, and will include other important information to assist Presidents in their role. We are also working with our partner STAR12 to create a leadership certification program, specifically designed for our Chapter Presidents, offering ongoing skill development webinars particular to this role, which will also be an asset to personal professional development.

Q: Why is leadership communication with the team important to the success of the Board as a whole? 

A: As each Chapter creates its Leadership Team, communication with your President about your commitment and what you are willing to do and time that you can allocate permits for a long-term relationship and adds much value to your experience as well as the growth of your Local Chapter. A contract signed by the Chapter President and a Board Member is important once an agreement has been made to start off on the right foot with clarity and clear guidelines. A Chapter President’s communication strategy with her Leadership Team is imperative to the success of the Board as a whole.

Q: What changes have taken place on our Local Chapter social media platforms?

A: Effective immediately, we will be closing all Local Chapter LinkedIn, Google plus and Pinterest accounts. Local Chapters will be able to continue with their own Chapter Facebook and Twitter accounts, managed and overseen by the Local Chapter Division. National platforms will include Facebook and Twitter, along with Pinterest and LinkedIn. LinkedIn will have group pages for each of our 5 regions, encouraging higher engagement and a more focused opportunity to connect with your target audience.

Join our LinkedIn Regional subgroups now:

NAPW | West Region
NAPW | North Region
NAPW | South Region
NAPW | East Region
NAPW | Central Region

Make sure to read this month’s Message from Louise as we explore what’s new, positive and powerful for Local Chapter success in 2015.


Megan Bozzuto

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