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Happy summer everyone! This month we continue our focus on your questions regarding the NAPW Foundation. Since we want to convey to you the most pertinent information, we’ve chosen the questions most often asked by you – our highly valued NAPW members. We want to take this moment to thank all of you for your impeccable dedication, commitment and charitable spirits to giving back and becoming part of our “Giving Circle.”

Q: What is the mission of the NAPW Foundation?

A: To make a difference in the lives of women and girls through service, sisterhood and self-help.

It’s imperative that we do our part in contribution to creating a better world, a better society, a better overall way of being for women and girls everywhere. That’s why Star Jones, NAPW President and National Spokesperson, created a brand new philanthropic initiative — a 501(c)(3) federally recognized nonprofit arm of NAPW — the NAPW Foundation – whose charitable partners include the American Heart Association, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Dress For Success and Girls Inc.

Q: How does the NAPW Foundation impact Local Chapters across the country?

A: Local Chapters across the country are now following “The NAPW Foundation Calendar,” which provides Local Chapter Presidents with monthly themes for internal and external events, highlighting our philanthropic focus each month. Through these monthly themed initiatives, including fundraisers, special events and donation drives, we will raise awareness of issues affecting our communities and the world.

Q: How does the NAPW Foundation impact our members?

A: NAPW is a national organization so Local Chapters, even though unique in their own right, are following guidelines set by corporate headquarters. The goal is to have a larger impact, first with our local communities, then within the 5 regions and, ultimately, throughout the country. Making strides for women by banding together and discussing issues monthly that are close to our hearts is of paramount importance as we address the importance of giving back.

Q: How does the NAPW Foundation encourage networking?

A: The impact we have as a group of women is powerful and allows us to tear down barriers and foster a common ground among ourselves. In time, nurturing deeper relationships with the women, harvesting trust professionally and personally. The NAPW Foundation creates a platform that encourages a positive and healthy impact on the networking environment through helping others.

Q: How does the NAPW Foundation enable our Chapters to grow and become stronger networking communities?

A: Each month, an NAPW national press release is written discussing what is happening in Local Chapters across our 5 regions. As we share a common voice while executing these philanthropic initiatives in our own unique way within Local Chapters, either by having fundraising events or donating your time or professional expertise as a Chapter, the word gets out. The word being how we have impacted our community (remember the mission statement) and the lives of others. Through this act, we make connections within our Chapters and meet people along the way who want to join and become a part of this “Giving Circle.”

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