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NAPW Feature Story: On Target! Understanding Which Social Media Site Works Best for You



Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. And, that’s only three! With numerous social media options available to professional women today, creating and successfully running a social media marketing campaign for your business, product or service is easy. The trick is knowing which social media sites reach your specific target audience. So, let’s get social!

Facebook It
Worldwide, Facebook has over one billion users. Effectively connecting with your customers, whether you reach a wide demographic or a small one, makes this social network the perfect place to start and test your campaign. Plus, if you’re trying to reach women, according to CMS Wire, the largest percentage of Facebook users are women.

Twitter is gaining on Facebook with over 500 million users who also search for content on a multitude of subjects. It’s also a great place to start and test your campaign. Popular with the 18 to 29 audience, its base is densely populated in urban areas. Recently, headhunters have taken to tweeting job posts, which is making Twitter a new venue for those seeking employees or finding employment.

With a simple concept, “pinning” images to boards, Pinterest has gained enormous momentum over the past year, with 72% of women ages 18 to 50 doing all the “pinning.” Users are educated, with most having attended college or with a bachelor’s degree. This is a great “image-centric” network for showcasing photos of your products or services, with ease of content sharing.

LinkedIn or Out
Increasing business and gaining business-to-business connections is what LinkedIn is all about. Designed for educated professionals to advance their careers, the majority of users have a bachelor’s or graduate degree, according to Quantcast, and are between the ages of 25 to 64 with an average income of $100,000. If you’re looking to reach an upscale, educated consumer mainly consisting of business professionals, this is the social media spot for you.

Google+ or Minus
With steady growth, reaching over 500 million users, Google+ is largely used by men. According to Social Statistics, nearly 70% of total users are men, making it the best way to reach this demographic. Most are well-educated with backgrounds in technology-based fields. Launching a campaign with Google+ obviously makes sense if you’re looking to reach this market.

Tumblr Blogr
This microblogging site offers users the opportunity to share content, including text, images, audio and links, with the ability to upload original content or reblog other users’ content. Tumblr’s easy-to-use interface is the main contributing factor to its success, with brands such as J. Crew and IBM increasing their Tumblr reach. With a main demo of users in the 13 to 25 age group, if your business, product or service target audience is young people, Tumblr is the way to go. According to the Real Time Report, 61% of teens and 57% of young adults use this site regularly, while only 52% of young adults use Facebook.

Simply stated: Understanding which sites target your audience is the key to successful social media marketing campaigns. NAPW’s online networking provides another unique resource for you, too. Start getting social today!

We want to hear from you! How have you successfully used social media to expand your marketing efforts?

Please leave your comments below and be sure to take our poll. When you’re done, keep the conversation going on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!


Megan Bozzuto


  1. Helene Abrams
    December 4, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    I agree that understanding which sites target your audience is key. But what a lot of make the mistake of just creating a page and not thinking of it as a extensions of your their businesses. All your social media channels need to look and sound the same way as you do on your website. Because your brand is your identity. It’s who you are, and what you do. It’s how your customer knows you. So, if your brand looks and sounds confusing on social media then your are creating confused customers. 
And the fact is confused customers don’t stick around.

  2. Bonnie Hixson
    December 5, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Nice social media summary. Who’s the author?

    • Olisa Adger, NAPW
      December 5, 2013 at 11:30 pm

      Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks, we’re glad you enjoyed the article. It author is an NAPW staff writer.


  3. Paula Popper
    December 21, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    I use 5 of the 6 mentioned here for business, and I use Tumblr for personal blogging, plus personal links on several others. I am just now exploring how to use Pinterest for my business, since I don’t have physical products, and I don’t work with design of any sort. The challenging part for me is staying active regularly on a basis appropriate for each medium, and coordinating the messages between them. I do some cross posting, and I also do some selective posting. Right now, my following is growing and it hasn’t yet developed into something that pays.

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