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NAPW Feature Story: Keep the Spark Going — 6 Tips to Ignite the Rest of 2013!



It’s July and summer is in full swing. That means vacation time, seasonal slowdowns in some businesses and industries and of course, the sweltering heat. This time of the year, it’s often easy to get distracted from important tasks at hand.

But believe it or not, we are halfway through the year, so now is not the time to veer off track. In fact, summer is actually the perfect time to take stock of your professional life, recharge your batteries and keep the spark going. Use the downtime to perform a midyear checkup on your career or business. Are you on target for reaching your goals? How would you assess your progress so far this year? What do you want to achieve in the next six months?

To help you ignite the second half of 2013, we’ve put together some tips:

1.  Add to Your Network

NAPW members are located across the United States so if you met a member at this year’s conference in another state that you happen to be traveling to this summer, look her up. Even if it’s just a friendly email asking her to recommend local hotspots, you are still making a connection and adding to your network.

2.  Assess Your Performance

Take an honest look at what you’ve done so far this year. Where do you stand on achieving the goals you set for yourself? If some seem a bit out of reach, spend time figuring out why. Have you tried hard enough to achieve them or were they too unrealistic in the first place? Depending on the answer, either come up with a new plan for accomplishing them or make the decision to rethink the goals to make them more attainable.

3.  Sharpen Your Skills

If you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands, think about refreshing your skills or adding some new ones to your repertoire. You can easily do this by taking advantage of NAPW’s free and discounted online seminars, webinars, certification courses and podcasts that are available to members.

4.  Update Your Resume

You may have no plans to leave your current position or embark on a new business venture, but why not take the time now to look over your resume? Many experts agree it’s a good idea to update it regularly, when you are not under the pressure of looking for a job. Plus, as you start chronicling your job progress, deciding which recent accomplishments you want to include on your resume, you will once again have a chance to assess what you’ve done so far this year.

5.  Make Time to Enjoy the Season

As much as you want to stay on track as far as your professional life goes, be sure to take some time to enjoy the summer! Spend as much time outdoors as you can. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, move your home office to your front porch. If you’re in an office most of the day, try to spend your lunch hour outside either eating al fresco or taking a walk.

6.  Don’t Be Discouraged

The good news is that even if you haven’t accomplished all of your goals yet, you still have plenty of time to make things happen. That’s the beauty of a mid-year review; you are only six months into the year. If things aren’t going the way you had hoped, now is the time to figure out a new course and/or set more attainable goals.

How do you maintain your momentum over the summer? Please share your thoughts and advice in the comment section below.


Megan Bozzuto

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