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Make important connections. Develop business relationships. Keep your network strong. Accomplishing all of this and more is easy with online networking. Maintaining a strong online presence is key to building a successful business and career — from your company website to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter to your NAPW profile.

NAPW’s online platform is extensive and provides excellent tools to effectively showcase you and your business. Be sure to constantly manage your professional profile. Start by creating a distinctive headline or tagline and regularly update your NAPW profile with recent career activity and accomplishments. A few short, impactful paragraphs are all you need to create a positive buzz.

NAPW offers more opportunities to expand your online network, increase your business and achieve career success, including:

  • Community Wall – Announce your latest endeavors and accomplishments
  • Member Connections – Be featured in the online monthly newsletter
  • Women360 – Share your thoughts and industry expertise as a guest blogger
  • Search Members – Easily reach out to members by name, company, industry, etc.

Remember, the more active your participation as a member – both online and in person – the more visibility you achieve throughout NAPW’s networking community of more than 600,000 professional women nationwide. Get online today!

How have you connected online with other NAPW members? What online tools do you access to promote your business and/or your career? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.


Megan Bozzuto


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