Business Forum: Hiring in the Third and Fourth Quarters

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Business People

Considering the recent good news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, things are looking up for job seekers.

As an entrepreneur and/or business owner, how are you gearing up for the third and fourth quarters when it comes to hiring employees? A recent survey conducted by Manpower Group said that more employers are planning to hire in the third quarter. Is this true for you? If you are hiring, what is it you look for in a candidate? Do you have any suggestions for what current job seekers can do that will help them stand out from the crowd?

Not actively looking for new employees? Why not? Is it because of the time of year, budgetary constrictions or something else? Even if you do not have any open positions, do you accept and welcome inquiries from prospective employees? What would you suggest someone interested in working for your company do that would help her resume get noticed for future job openings?

Share your expertise, experiences and tips for job-seekers in the comment section below.