NAPW Business Forum: Creative Ways to Promote Workplace Wellness

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Keeping a healthy and happy staff greatly impacts the success of a business. Now more than ever, businesses understand the importance of employee wellness programs and the value of showing that you care. While many businesses may not have the resources to implement a comprehensive wellness program, there are many creative ways to promote workplace wellness.

An Apple a Day… is Healthier
Take a look around. There’s a good chance your employees are enjoying a not-so-healthy snack. Encourage a healthier nutritional diet and offer alternative brain food options. Replace soda machines with water, juice or milk and stock vending machines with nuts or dried fruit. Be bold. Go a step further and leave out a fresh fruit basket once a week.

Be a Support System
Offer Employee Assistance Programs for individuals with financial difficulties, troubles at home, excess stress or anxiety. The extra support in the workplace encourages employees to handle job-related stress more effectively, find better ways to reduce stress in their personal lives and enhance their concentration at work.

Educate and Raise Awareness
Bring National Awareness months, weeks and days into the workplace. Share important health messages and promote fun interactive resources.  Inspire employees to make a difference by holding an in-office fundraiser to raise health awareness. Last year, NAPW Local Chapters hosted “Go Red for Women” networking events for Heart Health month to raise funds for the American Heart Association (AHA).

We want to hear from you! What has your business done to encourage health and wellness in the workplace? Do you think employee wellness programs are effective?

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