Monthly Recap Star’s Corner: Wrappin’ Up Our Year of Action

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Welcome to my corner of Member Connections! Each month we’ll engage, impact and empower with a previous monthly recap of my blog posts, featuring important topics, issues and opinions affecting women everywhere. As we wrap up our 2014 Year of Action, we’re looking forward to our 2015 Year of Power.

Payin’ It Forward and Givin’ It Back! NAPW Local Chapters Thanksgiving month initiatives inspired hope, love and everlasting faith in the kindness of women as they helped those less fortunate this past November. As holiday season stress took hold for many of us – yes, deadlines still had to be met – it was Star’s Holiday Season Survival Guide to the rescue! Even though this was a humorous look at stress during the holiday season, the message is relevant for every day of the year: Live in the moment, don’t stress; you’ll get your work done. Our 2014 Year of Action came to a close; and what a powerful year it was! We wrapped it up, gave ourselves credit for an amazing job of great success, and said hello to our 2015 Year of Power. If you think 2014 was off the charts, 2015 will take us to even greater heights of achievement. Happy New Year!

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Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chapter President Ruth Garcia (bottom left) and her team.


The best give of all: Live in the moment.


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