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Welcome to my corner of Member Connections! Each month we’ll engage, impact and empower with a previous month’s recap of my blog posts, featuring important topics, issues and opinions affecting women everywhere.

It’s our Year of Action! In March, I talked about inspiring change in honor of Women’s History Month. Courageous, fearless and unabashed in our epic saga, we advocate for women’s advancement while staking our claim to global history. As we stake that claim, we ask: Where are the women in STEM? They’re everywhere! And, they need our guidance, encouragement and support to advance in science, technology, engineering and math. We must rise to the challenge and empower young girls and women, while we remember to empower ourselves. And, yes, we have the power, which includes taking control of our health through obtaining proper insurance. The Affordable Care Act deadline for sign up was March 31, and I know you took positive action by purchasing affordable health coverage. We were born to make a difference – in our lives and the lives of women everywhere. My birthday blog post celebrates the trailblazing, pioneering women who made a difference in history.

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Megan Bozzuto