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Welcome to my corner of Member Connections! Each month we’ll engage, impact and empower with a previous month’s recap of my blog posts, featuring important topics, issues and opinions affecting women everywhere.

Yes, we are all living the legacy of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, enacted 50 years ago on July 2, 1964. We are women free to choose our life paths, create our own goals and experience great success. And, the way we find success is through our passion for doing what we love. National Awareness Month celebrated our search for inner understanding of who we are so we can visualize, create and live our passion, leading to happiness and success. Powering up our passion for networking is just as important to achieving our business and career goals. It’s the relationships we cultivate and grow over time that make a positive impact on our personal and professional lives. And, all great leaders know that cultivating and embracing diversity and global awareness is key to their success. According to American Progress’ most recent labor report, “Going forward, businesses should continue to capitalize and embrace diversity as the workforce itself becomes more diverse. Our economy and our society depend on it.” We should also embrace some time off to relax, recharge and rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit in our quest for self-awareness, while enjoying the view from paradise. Make sure to check this space next month for a phenomenal recap of Local Chapter National Awareness Month initiatives.

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President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. watches.

Star Jones - NAPW toast

I love my team at NAPW! We had a champagne toast when I came on board as Chief Development Officer in 2013.


NAPW members cultivating important networking connections that can change their lives forever!


“… in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” ―Maya Angelou


My trainers, Nicolas and Claudia

Simply click the links above to read more on these important issues.

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