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Member Spotlight- Cyndy Stout

NAPW: What would you tell young women about the obstacles they will face in your industry?

Stout: That anything worth having is worth the hard work. Find a mentor and never stop learning. Find your passion not because of money but because you feel like you make a difference; the money will follow.

NAPW: What is the biggest career obstacle you have ever faced? How did you overcome it?

Stout: Learning to pick up the phone and accept that the answer a lot of times is “No”. Reminding myself that “No” is only a chance to work harder for a “Yes”. It is similar to the David and Goliath story. No is Goliath and I am David. I, therefore fear nothing. They are entitled to say “No” just like I am. Being gracious and letting them know that you are there for them in the future should they need you.

NAPW: It’s been said that perseverance and hard work bring success. Do you believe this? Why?

Stout:Absolutely. Very few people experience overnight success. Life has so much more meaning when you work hard and earn what is given to you. Remembering that success is not just the money we earn but the difference we make. People still respect a hardworking, genuinely loyal person. Your integrity will always win out.

NAPW: How have you overcome budget constraints while promoting your business?

Stout: Absolutely. Both of my businesses required a lot upfront. It was so important to me that I do what was necessary to appear educated and ready to help my clients. The old saying “to make money you must spend money” is true. The good news is that it all was earned back in a very short amount of time. A lot of promotion can be free you just have to be savvy and find it. People like when someone presents well and that often requires money of some level.

NAPW: What is the best business advice you ever gave to another woman?

Stout: Be true to yourself and remember that you have your integrity and if lost, its really difficult to get back. Don’t let others get in your head. Be the best you that you can be and people will see you are worth their time and money. Success is a mindset and no money will ever be able to buy you success, hard work and integrity always win.

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