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March 2, 2016 Member Spotlight

Meet NAPW members in Member Spotlight, a bi-weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. This week, we feature 10 accomplished women, so be sure to check out each of their profiles. VIP, Elite and Preferred Members: to be featured in an upcoming issue of the newsletter, contact us at

blog_K_Monique_Bonneville_vip_2016K. Monique Bonneville

Company: SITA
Industry: Information Technology
Title: Configuration Analyst
Location: Atlanta, GA


NAPW: What ways have you found to make your job easier or more rewarding?

Bonneville: Challenging myself by trying new ways to do a repetitive task more efficiently is both rewarding and makes my job easier. One of my daily tasks is to load data into our Configuration Management Database. I was able to streamline my process so that a job that used to take 10 hours is now done in four.

NAPW: What is the most important quality you look for in an employee?

Bonneville: I look for someone who is willing to learn, who can take constructive feedback and use it for self-improvement, but most importantly, someone who admits mistakes, accepts responsibility for the fallout and reflects on the situation by analyzing the missteps to avoid recurrence. If that person knows the value of lessons learned and can apply those principles to increase performance, then I have found someone who is teachable and therefore able to grow.

NAPW: In what ways has technology changed your business / industry?

Bonneville: I work in the Air Transportation Industry (ATI). I’m also currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in Technical Communication at Arizona State University. My thesis is centered on identifying the rhetorical approach that North American airlines in the ATI use when communicating with current and potential consumers on Facebook. I have found through both my professional and academic work that the advent of technology with regards to the internet and social media has helped to propel my industry into a new realm.

NAPW: What gets you excited and drives you to achieve?

Bonneville: Knowledge excites me! I look to find roles that challenge my current skillset. I am driven by the desire to always top myself. When I accomplish an objective or reach a milestone in one area, I look to do something even more stellar in another area. I am always out to improve myself in every imaginable way; professionally, personally and emotionally. I believe that a successful professional woman is a lady who is balanced in all aspects of her mind, body and soul, and in all areas of her life—such as work, home and school.

NAPW: What career lessons have you learned the hard way?

Bonneville: One lesson that I consistently learn is that sometimes you’ve got to show yourself appreciation because you are the only one in that environment who will. Strong and powerful women are pushing through glass ceilings and breaking stereotypes of what a “working woman” is capable of achieving. Yet we still have a long way to go. As a woman and a minority, I have often found myself teetering on the edge of job security as someone less qualified, while someone of the opposite sex or another race manages to step in and steamroll my standing and established position. This constant battle to remain employed and thrive at work has taught me perseverance and determination. I may get knocked down for reasons beyond my control, but it falls on me as to whether or not I give someone else the power to keep me down. I choose to rise every time.

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blog_Ingrid_Diaz_vip_2016Dr. Ingrid N. Diaz

Company: Envoy Psychological Services
Industry: Therapy
Title: Psychotherapist
Location: Roselle, NJ


NAPW: Describe the ways you stay healthy at work.

Diaz: I stay healthy by acknowledging when I need to rest and recharge.

NAPW: Do you equate career success with financial success? How do you separate the two?

Diaz: No, I think of my success as the ability to bring good health and healing to each of my patients. That is not equal to financial success, especially if you work with an indigent population.

NAPW: What tips can you share to maintain motivated employees?

Diaz: Keep believing that you can make a difference in life, questioning “if not me, then who?”

NAPW: What do you find most rewarding about your job?

Diaz: The ability to improve the quality of life for the patients I treat, in spite of their chronic and persistent mental illnesses.

NAPW: What is your proudest accomplishment?

Diaz: Along with 50 psychologists, I am on the advisory committee to the U.S. Congress on Latino Mental Health and Advancements in Higher Education.

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blog_Stacy_Engelbrecht_vip_2016Stacy Engelbrecht

Company: Cheyenne Feed & Supply, LLC; Eastern Plains Glass Repair; Sam’s Project
Industry: Feed Retail, Windshield Repair, Author
Title: Owner / Operator / Author
Location: Cheyenne Wells, CO


NAPW: What qualities make a good leader?

Engelbrecht: A good leader is a person who knows what the job or task truly needs in order to complete it. One who is active in encouraging others, understands the value of each member as well as that each person is created with their own strengths. Being able to evaluate each one’s strengths and match them with their duties will create the best results and can be very rewarding for all involved. A leader also has to see the value in a project and be able to take charge and move forward while motivating others to complete a project.

NAPW: If your job progresses as you like, what would be the next step in your career?

Engelbrecht: As I hold ownership to three jobs, I pray for the vision to understand when a new door opens that I am to walk through it, and when a door closes I am to accept it. Each of my businesses is important to me, and all of the customers I serve. My new career direction is with my book Sam’s Project™. My next step for my book career is to team up with an educational publishing company. I would love to reach more students and individuals and teach them about basic personal finances. Money is in every aspect of life and understanding the basics can set you on a direct path to success.

NAPW: If your work were suddenly eliminated, what kind of work do you feel prepared to do?

Engelbrecht: With owning and operating my own business for just under 14 years, I am very comfortable with my skill set to work about anywhere from business, banking, customer service, marketing, sales, scheduling, writing more finance education books, teaching and anywhere else that I can be of service.

NAPW: What new skills have you learned over the past year?

Engelbrecht: Sam’s Project™ has really come to life for me this past year after receiving my copyright and being accepted to present to school educators. My communication skills have widely broadened and I have presented to a room full of superintendents and principals with my book. I have learned how to host a conference presentation from my home, as well as the value of my material and the need for it to be taught. I have been challenged to wear all of my business hats in one given day in addition to the art of scheduling. I am very blessed to be able to write and teach on my passion of finance education.

NAPW: What are some of the books we would find on your bookshelf?

Engelbrecht: You will find the most important book of my life in my journal by the chair. As for my bookshelf, it is loaded with inspirational books such as my Bible and The Best Yes by Lisa Terkeurst. I also enjoy reading Encouraging Words by Sheila Walsh, Lisa Harper, Karen Ehman and John Ortberg. If I have time for a good book series, I read Karen Kingsbury.

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blog_Stacey_Farish_vip_2016Stacey Farish

Company: Penske Media Corporation
Industry: Media
Title: SVP Entertainment, Publisher Deadline
Location: Los Angeles, CA


NAPW: What is your dream job?

Farish: I’m surrounded by the best team I’ve ever been a part of. I have a tremendous amount of support at PMC. Therefore, I would say I’m currently working at my dream job.

NAPW: Think about an instance when you were given an assignment you thought you would not be able to complete. How did you accomplish the assignment?

Farish: I don’t think I can name an assignment that I couldn’t complete. It’s not about never, it’s about when. I work in a very competitive space, so I like to keep it positive. If you work hard and smart enough, you can accomplish anything.

NAPW: When is it okay to “break the rules?”

Farish: Always, as long as you’re moving the business forward.

NAPW: What kinds of people do you work best with?

Farish: Making a connection with someone in a very short amount of time is a gift I have. Everyone is different and has different needs. I think it’s all in how you read someone.

NAPW: How do you handle a chaotic work situation?

Farish: All work situations are chaotic, that’s why it’s called work. I’m very organized and I do not procrastinate. I get back to clients / coworkers immediately, basically treating them the way I would like to be treated. The vibe you put off sets the tone for the day . . . keep it positive!

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blog_Sabine_Garvey_Campbell_vip_2016Sabine Garvey Campbell

Company: Fierce Forty Plus
Industry: Personal Development, Life Coaching
Title: Writer / Manager
Location: Waterford, VA


NAPW: What are your biggest strengths / talents in your position?

Campbell: I refer to my biggest strengths as the three “C’s.” They are creativity in my choice and use of words, my ability to succinctly and clearly communicate these words and the courage to share and live my words as a Writer and a Leader.

NAPW: What do you feel is your most important business skill?

Campbell: My most important business skill is organization. This is not a single threaded world so I always have several balls in the air. Being organized helps me manage the expected events of my life. At the same time, having my affairs in order helps me to address the unexpected events on an equal playing field.

NAPW: Tell us about a woman in your business life who has influenced you most.

Campbell: The woman who has influenced me the most in my business life is Rosemarie Garvey. I worked for her during my high school summer breaks. Born and raised in Germany, she entered the US workforce as a Secretary after being a stay-at-home mother for seven years. A few years ago, she retired from the mortgage banking industry as a Vice President. Rosemarie taught me the value of dedication, hard work and never to be embarrassed by what you want in life. She is an American success story and my mother.

NAPW: What is the biggest career obstacle you have ever faced? How did you overcome it?

Campbell: I am currently facing my biggest career obstacle as we speak. After 18 years as an IT Manager with a global retailer, I was impacted by a RIF in August 2015. Soon after, I was told by a Recruiter that my skill set is not in high demand in today’s job market. I was left with no choice but to reinvent myself. Today, I am facing that challenge with vigor and enthusiasm. I am certain that I will be more successful than ever thanks to the support and mentoring of the professional women in my life, including other NAPW members, who have faced similar challenges in their careers and are now stronger than ever.

NAPW: How do you maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity?

Campbell: I maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity by looking back at everything I have accomplished in my life—for example, the diplomas that hang on my wall and the commendations I have been awarded—and remind myself that I haven’t always been successful the first time out. Failing is simply sometimes a part of succeeding, whether I like it or not. I haven’t given up in the past, and that character trait has made me who I am today, so I won’t let myself give up today, tomorrow or ever.

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blog_latonya_jackson_vip_2016LaTonya Jackson

Company: Eyedentified Consulting
Services, LLC
Industry: Management Consulting and Publishing
Title: Founder / COO
Location: Springdale, AR


NAPW: Name three characteristics you feel all successful people share?

Jackson: I believe that all successful people are confident and know who they are. They walk in integrity and have a clear sense of purpose beyond the task or job they are engaged in.

NAPW: How important is having a sense of humor to your daily business life?

Jackson: I grew up laughing with my sister who could make a joke out of just about anything. That being said, I believe laughter is good medicine for the soul. We must be able to laugh at ourselves despite ourselves, especially in business.

NAPW: What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Jackson: In January, my family and I committed to an eating plan that has already yielded results. I also maintain a network of women friends that I can be myself with on a consistent basis. I also journal and deal in truth as often as possible. Lastly, I intercede for my family, loved ones and for myself. This keeps me sane, healthy and happy.

NAPW: When starting out, how important was networking to the success of your business today?

Jackson: I have found networking to be a valuable component to my business. It doesn’t determine the success of my business but can lead to opportunities. Some of my most recent revenue generating engagements are the results of referrals from people in my network. If I do my job right, I earn the business and we all win.

NAPW: How do you manage stress?

Jackson: The answer to this is akin to my response to a healthy lifestyle. I journal. I also meet with a Life Coach once a month to keep from overloading my spouse / partner who is in business with me. I also have a business coach to run ideas and thoughts through. When all that’s done, I pamper myself (nails, facials, massages and a good book or journal)!

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blog_Jacqueline_Jones_vip_2016Jacqueline Jones

Company: Divine Beginnings, LLC
Industry: Children’s Retail
Title: Founder / CEO
Location: Bowie, MD

What qualities make a good leader?

Jones: I define a good leader as someone who can quietly influence and affect change in a meaningful way through his or her words and actions. The most important qualities I seek in a leader are strong character, intelligence, sound judgment, accountability, empathy and humility.

NAPW: How is the economy affecting your industry?

Jones: Trends suggest that the economy has had a negative impact on the retail market. However, there is still a strong target base for retail companies that serve children. According to several reports, the kidswear market was not even affected by the meltdown of the global economy and is expected to have a stable annual growth rate of 4.2 percent through to 2017. Research shows that the population of children under age 18 is 72 million and there is an estimated 75 million women in the US of childbearing age (ages 15 to 50 years). Specific to our market niche, approximately 71% of Americans currently identify themselves as Christians. Worldwide, there are an estimated 2.18 billion Christians, nearly a third of the global population. These statistics represent great opportunities for Divine Beginnings, LLC.

NAPW: If you weren’t getting paid to do what you do, would you still do it?

Jones: Absolutely! It’s been a dream of mine for more than a decade to launch Divine Beginnings. I’ve made progressive baby steps to get to this point today. While profitability is key for every business, my motivation in starting this company was never based on money. I saw a void in the marketplace and an opportunity to offer a niche line of quality products for Christian children. Further, I love working with children and embrace any and every opportunity to influence the lives of children and share God’s word. I know that any reward I receive from my calling goes far beyond monetary. It comes from a higher source.

NAPW: What are some of the books we would find on your bookshelf?

Jones: My reading preference is non-fictional sources that offer inspiration, encouragement and guidance. As such, my library contains a myriad of spiritual and motivational books including, of course, the Holy Bible, autobiographies and biographies of my favorite influencers and business-related books. I also have an extensive collection of children’s classics, which are near and dear and keep me young at my heart. Finally, I have several magazines that I read purely for entertainment, including Essence Magazine, O Magazine and Money Magazine.

NAPW: What do you find most challenging about your job?

Jones: The most challenging aspect of my job is finding the right level of work-life balance. On a daily basis, I find myself juggling between my various roles as mother, daughter, entrepreneur, mentor, good church steward and community volunteer, all while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle of good nutrition, exercise and adequate sleep. I do my best, but undoubtedly, I have to sacrifice something every day. If only I had more hours in the day!

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blog_Megan_Flanagan_Mills_vip_2016Megan Flanagan Mills

Company: Farmers Insurance – Flanagan Mills Agency
Industry: Insurance
Title: Agency Owner
Location: Rochester, NY


NAPW: What are your biggest strengths / talents in your position?

Mills: I’m a natural leader, a very hard worker and I have expansive knowledge of my trade due to years of hands-on experience.

NAPW: What do you feel is your most important business skill?

Mills: Customer relations. I love meeting new people and getting to know them. I strive to be an accessible and trustworthy resource for my customers.

NAPW: What do you think every entrepreneur should know about business?

Mills: You have to make significant, life-altering sacrifices to make it work, but it’s worth it.

NAPW: Tell us about a woman in your business life who has influenced you most.

Mills: There were two women in executive roles (COO and SVP) at my company when I first joined who were role models for me. They each had a reputation of being tough but fair leaders. It showed me that women can be strong, respected leaders in a field dominated by men.

NAPW: How do you maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity?

Mills: I think about my one-year-old daughter. I picture her as an independent, ambitious young adult with a positive self-image, unconstrained by any preconceptions of a woman’s role in a family or society.

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blog_Patricia_Watts_vip_2016Patricia Watts

Company: Tricia’s Gift
and Party Creations
Industry: Gifts
Title: Owner
Location: Lindenwold, NJ


NAPW: What do you want members to know about you?

Watts: After losing my husband in 2003, I took the bold leap and started my own business in 2010.

NAPW: How do you use social media to promote your career or business?

Watts: I have a Facebook page. I also post ads online using free sites.

NAPW: How do you network?

Watts: I network through social media apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

NAPW: Describe your methods of managing a heavy workload.

Watts: I make time to handle heavy workloads. One step at a time.

NAPW: At the culmination of your career, what would you look back on as your biggest achievement?

Watts: My beautiful creations and having established a thriving business all by myself.

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blog_Kathleen_Collins_Williams_2016Kathleen Collins Williams

Company: NightLife Hair Wrap, LLC
Industry: Retail
Title: CEO
Location: Lawrenceville, GA

What do you feel is your most important business skill?

Collins Williams: My background is very diverse. My areas of expertise are accounting, event management and interior design. All three have afforded me skills that have allowed me to handle the administrative / accounting functions, customer service, social engagement and creativity needed to be in business. Yet I must say that my customer service skills have proven to be most important when dealing with clients and suppliers.

NAPW: What do you think every entrepreneur should know about business?

Collins Williams: You’ll need to give it your all in order to succeed. You’ll need to have a superior work ethic, and a can-do attitude. You’ll need a team that is on board with the goals you set and has the motivation to achieve those goals. You will need a learning spirit to reach out to business professionals in your industry to glean their knowledge. Ask someone who has walked the path before. Lastly, occasional failure will happen on your road to success – use those lessons to motivate you onward.

NAPW: Do you feel that society’s viewpoints of women have hindered or helped you?

Collins Williams: I have accepted that there are men and women who don’t believe women should have positions of authority in business and politics. However, I have met many people who have encouraged me to be all I can be. I accept that everyone is entitled to an opinion and I utilize the positive ones to lift me up.

NAPW: How have you overcome budget constraints while promoting your business?

Collins Williams: I learned through trials that you cannot do every event, you can’t sign on to every promotion and you can’t devote time / money to opportunities that do not directly move the business forward. Looking critically at the potential benefit that each possible engagement would provide has allowed me to navigate my budget to positions that helped the bottom line.

NAPW: How do you maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity?

Collins Williams: Through my faith, and that I am totally sold on my products! My hair wraps give women the confidence that their hair will be healthy and their style maintained during their sleep or exercise. Knowing that I am helping other women boosts my own confidence and allows me to stay positive even when business hits a slump or I face a trial. I stay positive because my wraps produce positive results.

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Megan Bozzuto