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Make the Most of NAPW National Networking Conference


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Whether you’re hailing a taxi from downtown Manhattan or jetting in from the West Coast, you’ll definitely want to come prepared with a game plan to help maximize your experience at the NAPW National Networking Conference (NAPWCon).

The one-day event will host some of the most influential, successful women in the world, all there to share their wisdom and experience with you. And you’ll have the opportunity to network with 1000+ NAPW members from across the country. This is an event where you won’t want to let any learning or networking opportunity slip away.

How will you make this most of NAPWCon?

We’ve gathered some tips that will help you take full advantage of the conference.



    • Is there an NAPW member that you’d really like to meet? Look up her email address on or send her a message through NAPW’s Message Center to find out if she’ll be attending the conference. If she is, make plans to connect at the conference, and if she isn’t, you can use this as an icebreaker for establishing contact. Just be sure to share a couple of the event highlights with her when you reach out after NAPWCon!
    • Visit the Conference Facebook Page and post a comment to spark up conversation with fellow conference-goers. Naturally, you can make plans to continue the conversation in person at the conference.
    • If you’ve already identified certain individuals you’d like to connect with at the conference, take a moment to review their NAPW profiles before the event and prepare a few talking points for when you meet.
    • Make sure you bring updated business cards to hand out to acquaintances you make. But just as important—make sure you also request a card as well. That way, you’ll be able to follow-up with the other person even if she drops the ball.
    • Prepare an “elevator speech” for the Speed Networking session. This should be a 30-60 second statement about yourself and what you do. Add a memorable touch by including a unique (but not too personal) tidbit about yourself that will set you apart from others.
  • Introduce yourself to everyone! That’s what NAPWCon is all about, so don’t hesitate to make an introduction and strike up a conversation. You never know who you’re going to meet and where that conversation may lead.



Tweet your notes, thoughts and ideas during the conference on Twitter using hashtag #NAPWCon.

How do I do this, you ask?

Simple. If you hear something that is noteworthy, tweet it and include the hashtag, #NAPWCon (example: “Sara Blakely made a brilliant point about the importance of not taking “no” for an answer #NAPWCon). When you search the hashtag in Twitter, you’ll be able to see what other attendees are saying, too. This is not only a great way to exchange knowledge and ideas, but also an effective networking tool.

What better way to spark a conversation with someone you’d like approach at the conference than to reference her fantastic tweet?

We’ll be live-tweeting from NAPWCon in order to give members who couldn’t attend a front row seat! Be sure to follow NAPW:


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