Last-Minute Tips for Thanksgiving Success

Thanksgiving DinnerNow that Thanksgiving is just a day away, it is possible that anxiety has started kicking in. Worry no more! There is still time to make this year’s Thanksgiving better than the last. Therefore, if you have not yet started making plans for this coming holiday, here are some last-minute tips to help you save the day.

No Rack for Your Turkey? No Problem

In case you are using one of those disposable pans to cook your turkey, it is certain they don’t have a rack. For this reason, you can use carrots and celery sticks to make a rack. This is a beneficial trick as your turkey gets some great flavors too.


Ensure all beverages that need chilling are in the fridge. If it is really the last minute, you can put a handful of salt in a bucket of water and ice to chill the wine in a fraction of the time. Salt speeds up the chilling process faster than water and ice alone. As for coffee, clean the pot and keep it ready to be filled with water when the time comes. Do the same for the tea kettle. Getting your drinks ready will make your serving easier immediately after the meal.

Do the Decorations Yourself

DIY decorations are not only economical, but also give your home that special touch. You can also try using beautiful flowers or plants to spice up your house, and especially your dinner table.

Organize Your Linens, Dinnerware, and Stemware Prior to the Day

You want the presentation for your guests to be outstanding. In this regard, a perfect arrangement requires you to plan your table. Iron the cloth napkins, and keep in mind, you need two sets — one for dinner and the other for dessert. Make sure your dinnerware is sparkling clean down to the stemware. When you are done, put your favorite centerpiece in place and you are all set.

You Don’t Need a Food Processor for Pie Dough

Pies are a must-have during Thanksgiving. You can simply place flour in a pie plate, and using a box grater, grate butter into the flour. The result will be the perfect little “pea-sized” crumbs popularly mentioned in many recipes.

Compile Your Shopping List

Do a step-by-step checklist to ensure everything you need for the big day is available. You can group the shopping items based on the dishes you plan to make.

Make Use of Coupons

During big holidays like Thanksgiving, stores all over issue coupons to get you to shop with them. To find these coupons, look in the local papers or in-store flyers.

Think About Last Thanksgiving

Remember all the dishes that had the most leftovers last time and exclude them from your current menu. There is no need to prepare a meal that people don’t like too much. Instead, make more of your most popular meals from last Thanksgiving.

Keep Your Guests Entertained

To fill up the day, you can choose to do something fun such as watching football for the adults and playing games for the kids. Select games that initiate conversations, like “Never Have I Ever,” “Table Topics,” and “20 Questions.” Entertainment always livens up the mood in a gathering.


Megan Bozzuto