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VIP Member NAPW Dr. Tanya Younger-Gilbert Meet NAPW members in Member Spotlight, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on Dr. Tanya Younger-Gilbert who has a passion for serving others and has some great advice for managing stress. VIP, Elite and Preferred Members: to be featured in Member Spotlight, contact us at

NAPW: Tell us about your most successful social media campaign.

Gilbert: I have a YouTube channel series called “Moments with Dr. Tanya,” where I cover a variety of world topics. In one of my episodes, I discussed the reality of mass shooting, terrorism, and mental health. I also discussed how parents can inform and educate their children about the reality of these topics. I shared the YouTube video across all of my social media platforms, which includes Facebook, @drtanya4change. I also boosted the post and received a wealth of feedback!

 My “Moments with Dr. Tanya” has become so popular that I often get called for a segment on various radio stations as well!

NAPW: Where do you find inspiration?

Gilbert: I find inspiration just from my day-to-day experiences. There is always something that I experience that gives me joy and inspires me to go. It could be when I receive contact from someone that is challenged from mental illness or an intellectual developmental issue and there’s a breakthrough communication with that person.

Seeing need in the community and how I can be of service is truly where my passion lies. My daily thought is, “what is it that I can do that can contribute to this day and how can I help someone else see something differently or accept their challenges and move forward in a positive and productive way?”

Also with my family members, I truly enjoy encouraging them, and also with the people that I work with, they challenge me to continue the work I do because they find it to be a significant benefit. That really encourages me in turn.

NAPW: What motivates you to succeed?

Gilbert: My true passion is to be of service to others. By contributing to the success of other people, I in turn feel successful.

NAPW: Do you equate career success with financial success? How do you separate the two?

Gilbert: I don’t see career and financial success as being equal. My personal and professional passion is the same, so I could do my work for free if it wasn’t required that I had to pay a cost for living.

When I am rewarded on an emotional level and intellectual level from my career, that speaks more to me about success than finances. You can always determine how much money you want to make and you can find ways to make it, but, if you’re not getting satisfaction, then that money is not enough. However, I do enjoy nice things in life, I like to be comfortable as most people do. Even though finances are not what motivate me first, I do also find success in making a decent financial living because it allows me to make a comfortable living for myself.

NAPW: How do you manage stress?

Gilbert: I manage stress by evaluating whatever it has to do with in the moment and being able to compartmentalize it into smaller smarts and addressing those smaller parts in their immediacy and accepting the things I can change and what I can’t and then moving on. Accepting and prioritizing is the key—not trying to do it all at once. Living and staying in the moment in whatever is happening is how I manage stress.

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