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Member Spotlight – Donna Whitfield


NAPW:How does your company differ from its competitors?

Whitfield: Arête Government Services, Inc. (AGS) is an innovative management consulting company offering a broad range of tailored solutions to meet business needs. All client projects are treated as different and we bring our business expertise to bear when addressing client issues. Our consultants are experienced professionals in industry, government, and consulting with major organizations.

NAPW: How does your company encourage professional development?

Whitfield: AGS utilizes industry standards, best practices, and proven technologies to solve our customers’ problems. In order to provide current best practices, we support our employees’ personal and professional development by encouraging the following:

  • Giving employees the chance to take the initiative to develop their own opportunities, thus providing a great opportunity for learning, innovation, and professional growth.
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Attending industry events to learn best practices that they can apply to their job.

NAPW: What types of change are occurring in your profession?

Whitfield: We in the acquisition field are required to restore acquisition management practices that worked in the past, as well as introduce more agile and adaptive methods that will help streamline and simplify the process. The ratio of federal employees to contractors is 5 to 1; therefore, we are also implementing/mentoring/training federal staff due to attrition and lack of resource information.

NAPW: If your job progresses as you like, what would be the next step in your career?

Whitfield: It is my desire to obtain a few prime contracts, where I will primarily be able to employ others in the field of acquisitions and provide leadership training from a hands-on/lessons learned perspective, virtually and in a classroom setting.

NAPW: If your work were suddenly eliminated, what kind of work do you feel prepared to do?

Whitfield: I have executive-level management experience, maintaining over $300 million in portfolio management of internal and external policy, procedures for comprehensive support service programs which included procurement, logistics, space and facilities management, property and asset management, security, continuity of operations, safety, telecommunications, automation, and travel. These experiences have afforded me a wealth of information that has enhanced the mission of previous clients. Prayerfully, there will be continuous doors of opportunity for me.

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