Get Connected with NAPW’s All-New eChapter!

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Q&A-with-Louise-banner Introducing NAPW’s All-New eChapter!


Q: What is the NAPW eChapter?

A: NAPW eChapter is a virtual networking Chapter open to all NAPW members. It brings the power of networking to your desktop, tablet or mobile device. The eChapter connects members across the country through bi-weekly meetings to discuss topics that impact professional women.

No matter where a member lives or how busy she is, this latest initiative offers members an exciting new way to attend Chapter meetings, connect with other NAPW members, interact with Chapter Presidents and promote their business, products and / or services.

Q. How often are eChapter meetings?

A: eChapter events will be hosted bi-weekly and will follow the NAPW Foundation Calendar, just like any other NAPW Local Chapter.

Q. What are the benefits of joining the eChapter?

A: There are many benefits of becoming part of the eChapter:

  • Simple and easy-to-use technology to participate in eChapter meetings
  • Email or text message notifications of upcoming meetings
  • Featured VIP members in video chat
  • Moderated live chat
  • Opportunity for VIP members to promote their business, products and / or services during each eChapter meeting
  • All eChapter meetings will be archived and available for viewing 24 / 7 at and on YouTube at NAPW eChapter

Q: How will the eChapter enhance my NAPW networking experience?

A: The eChapter is available for all of our members and enables them to network with a large community of NAPW members online. The eChapter encourages members to also attend in-person Local Chapter / Corporate events, if possible. For those members who do not have the opportunity to attend live events, the eChapter creates the platform for members to be part of a vibrant online community.

Q: If I am a VIP member, how do I get more information about presenting?

A: Please send all requests along with the link to your NAPW profile to Louise Newsome at