Five Frugal Ways to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe This Fall

Updating Wardrobe For Fall

Fall is finally here, and the concern is how to build an excellent-looking and fitting wardrobe, full of quality and trendy items without breaking the bank. One thing every woman can confess is that we will keep organizing, reorganizing and stuffing our closets with new clothes without considering what we already own.

It’s obvious we expect the weather to grow colder this fall. The cold fall requires warm clothes, and the cost of new outfits is scary for those of us who’re tight on budget. But how can you be ready to navigate the cold fall without spending a lot of cash on more hoodies, scarves, boots and the like? We discuss five ways to freshen up your wardrobe without having to spend much this fall.

Take Inventory and Clean the Wardrobe

It’s advisable to have everything in order before doing more shopping. We’ve got those clothes that have seen better days, but we still don’t get rid of them in the hope that a day will come when we will wear them. We will get all kinds of excuses, and that day never materializes.

When purging, we use various criteria to judge what to toss and what to keep. Start with the clothes that are falling apart and get them out of your closet. Next, focus on the clothes that no longer fit and are not likely to any time soon. Proceed to get rid of the cladding that’s out of fashion. Also, grab the clothes that are no longer relevant, such as maternity dresses if there are no plans for another baby. However, be sure to keep a few formal clothes perfect for the office even if you don’t have a 9–5 p.m. job. Also, save the clothes that can work with any outfit, including sweaters, camisoles and sweaters.

If, after weeding out, you still have those pieces that you’re not sure if you should keep or toss away, then you can store them safely and separate them from the wardrobe. Take a month or two, and if you have not worn any of them once, you most likely don’t need them. After filtering and weeding out, you can decide to donate or sell them and make some bucks for more items for this fall.

Shop From Consignment Stores

Our goal here is to have more quality items for less. Once you’ve created space for more items in your wardrobe, it’s time to shop for more outfits. In that case, we’re not looking for premium new items, but secondhand, but sexy. Find a nice jacket, a turtleneck, a couple of sweaters and a pair of boots that can keep you warm but sold for less. All you need is to visit your local thrift or consignment shop and make your selection at great prices.

Swap With Close Friends and Family Members   

We have a few clothes that are quite okay but are just tired of wearing them time and again. However, a friend, sister or cousin may still consider that outfit fine and sexy and won’t mind trading with another one that’s not in the wardrobe but is beautiful.

An excellent idea is to organize a clothes’ trade party for friends of the same size where everyone brings their unwanted clothes, so everyone can try what works for them. You can donate the remaining pieces to charity after the end of the party. Providing you have the same size and sense of style, it a cheap way of experiencing a variety without spending a dime.

Grab Some Inexpensive Scarves or Bandanas

An inexpensive way of updating the wardrobe this fall is to shop for new yet affordable scarves that can work with just anything. For instance, it’s possible to give that long-sleeved sweeter a fantastic look by matching it with a nicely folded scarf. Different colors and styles of the scarves will serve a couple of purposes, including covering your head and having it over the jacket.

Stretch Some Summer Outfits

Summer is the warm weather season, and we associate it with the light clothes. When the cold fall kicks in, most of us will keep away all the summer clothes without a second thought as we imagine they cannot provide the much-needed warmth. But, during the fall, warm clothes and boots tend to be sold at a premium.

You can avoid spending much by setting aside those that you can use during the fall either by layering or alone. Set aside that jacket, sweater or dress that you put on in the evenings when the temperatures fall. You don’t have to buy new stuff while you can make use of the clothes meant for the warm summer season.

Simply because the fall is cold, it doesn’t mean that you spend beyond your budget to keep warm. Get some secondhand clothes, choose a few warm summer clothes, swap with friends and sell what you may not need.


Megan Bozzuto

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